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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    Hi my friend pool have problem.
    pool size is 43,000 gallons
    TA = 250
    Total Chlorine = 10
    Free Chlorine = 5
    pH= 6.2
    Total Alkalinity= 0
    Cyanuric acid = 0

    he test his pool 1 day after big raining. what should we do? i have some question about Cyanuric acid.
    how is it zero? my friend use trichorine ( Chlorine 90% ) powder. so i have know idea why cyanuric acid is 0.

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    Re: Need Help

    Did you test with your own kit or did you take a water sample to be tested? If you test with your own kit then what kind of kit do you use? Read through Pool school (link in upper right corner) and use the Pool Calculator to determine how much and what to add to balance the water. Also, please include the type of pool (in ground, above ground) pool surface (plaster, vinyl, fiberglass, ect...) pump and filter size and specifics on any other equipment used on your pool. Your ph definitely needs to be raised to 7.5. Can't really advise you on the rest without information about the testing methods and pool details.
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    Re: Need Help

    Zea3 is right. There seem to be some issues that need to be addressed ASAP, but the test results you posted are a little suspect. For example...

    TA = 250
    Total Alkalinity = 0

    This is confusing since TA is usually Total Alkalinity. Did you mean calcium hardness (CH) is 250? Is total alkalinity really 0?

    I have heard that CYA can be converted to ammonia by certain organisms. That might explain your high combined clorine and missing CYA.

    The pH needs to be raised pronto assuming the test results are accurate.
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    Re: Need Help

    1st step (assuming you can rely on those results) is to raise the PH to 7.2 ASAP!!! You can use borax or soda ash (preferred if Total Alkalinity (TA) is zero...if not use borax). If the CYA reading is correct, you will need to add some as well to get to 30ppm.

    Then if TC is 10 and FC is 5, you have 5ppm of CC which means you need to shock. The shocking process is described in pool school.
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    Re: Need Help

    Thank you every body, we use Aquacheck test strips. this pool is in ground pool and pool surface is tile. pump size is 3 horse power. normally my friend will use only soda ash and trichol for adjust ph. when we test water by strip and get all value, we put borax ( 50 ppm ) in that day. Next day pool is GREEN. then we think we need to raise ph first from 6.2 to be 7.4. we put soda ash around 4 kg/day. 2 day after, pool still look green and cloudy. so he put trichol about 2 kg. then it look better but still green.

    So we should chock the pool or what we gonna do next?

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