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Thread: Raising CYA with Dichlor

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    Raising CYA with Dichlor


    Third week in pool, numbers using bleach, CYA and baking soda. Bubble cover most of the day and @ night:
    FC 3
    CC 0
    TC 3
    pH 7.5
    T/A 110
    CH 70
    CYA ~20
    Temp 86 F

    I added 4 lbs CYA (socks in skimmer) to the pool over a week ago and barely got to 20.

    My reasoning is as follows: Use Dichlor to add chlorine and CYA over the next week to maintain my FC. Approx. 5 lbs of Dichlor should raise my CYA to 40 - 45.

    Since it dissolves quickly, will the CYA test be accurate within 12-24 hrs after adding the Dichlor?

    Would adding Borates (So you want to add borates to your pool--Why and How) be best after I get the CYA in line?

    Thanx, Martin
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    Re: Raising CYA with Dichlor

    If your CYA was basically pure and your gallons is correct, pool calc says you should be closer to 30ppm, but the test uncertainty is at least +/- 10ppm.

    I would check CYA again after 4lb dichlor, if it's still lower than you like then use another pound. Yes, the CYA from dichlor should be available pretty quickly.

    In general you're best off doing only one thing to the pool at a time, so I'd wait on borates until the CYA was where you want. In particular, as I recall dichlor is a bit acidic so you'd want to make sure the pH is where you want it before you do the borates.
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