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Thread: spill over spa light keeps quitting on us

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    spill over spa light keeps quitting on us

    I purchased an inground pool with a spill over spa last year. The pool company received a spa with a light in it although it was not what we ordered, I guess they decided to keep it and make it work for us. We had it working for about a month and then it went on the fritz and stopped working. I have to admit the light with the red cover looks beautiful at night when the pool is lit up and my wife loves it. Now that we have seen it working we want it to work all the time. My pool guys came over last week and opened the light in the spa and found water had got in so he replaced the gasket and ther plastic housing and put it back together and our light works once again. Second night I went out and turned the light on and zippo...not working again. in my frustration I went over to the spa and banged on the top stair over the light and it went on. Hmmm loose connection? I called my pool guy to get him over to look at it and he told me that the old cover that they took out the week before was melted from the heat of the bulb and thats how the water got in. He also said but was not really sure that the light is supposed to turn off after 15 to 20 minutes of operation and then return itself on again, which sounded weird, but maybe thats how they work although ours never did that. I am waiting for him to get me the number of the mfg so I can call and figure out just why the bulb would get so hot as to melt the lense allowing water to penetrate. The light is a low voltage and runs off a transformer that simply has a push button to turn on and off. The problem with that is you never know if the bulb is it on or off. Strange controller switch if you ask me. Anybody here have a light in there spa and does it turn on and off automatically to keep the heat down? I need the truth!!!

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    Re: spill over spa light keeps quitting on us

    Sounds strange to me. The lens is cooled by the water. The only way it should have been able to melt is if they turned it on when there was no water in the tub or when the light was pulled out. I don't know of any in-ground hot tub lights that have an egg-timer built in like you described. Some automation systems will time them, but that's just so they don't stay on all night, not because of overheating, and they don't come back on afterwards.

    If banging around topside made it flicker then the bulb probably just isn't secure.

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    Re: spill over spa light keeps quitting on us

    apparently from the supplier of hot tubs, these lights a re PITA and constantly have had problems so I am going to somehow change them to LED's myself and enough with such a lame problem lol

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