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Thread: Help with selecting right equipment for pool

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    Help with selecting right equipment for pool

    HI, I am completely new to this game. I have four pools I am constructing that are a mix of above ground and in ground pools. They are all small (8'x 13' x 4'6"deep) approx. 478.4 cubic feet requiring 3,588 gallons of water

    The plumber has put skimmers, main pool drains and inlets. He says I have to buy the rest of the equipment and has given me a list which seems to be doubling up on what we already have. I need some help in getting a list I can send on to a bunch of suppliers. Can you help?

    I know I need pumps, some at 1 HP and others at 1.5 HP. I would like these to have a variable speed to cut down on the amount of energy used. I have read alot of info on what is available and would like to use quiet pumps, preferrably one with a combined salt water filter. I am in a tropical climate with daily temperatures of 86 degrees so algae could be a constant nightmare. I intend to rent the properties so I want to ensure I am using a safe product also.

    Question: If I have a salt water/ pump combined do I need filters? I was thinking of purchasing the catridge filter. I need to keep the cost down as I will be responsible for managing these pools and what goes into them.

    One of the reasons I was prompted to write is because on the list I have been given is something called an "eye ball assembly kit". What is this and what function does it serve? I can find no reference to it in any of the pool literature I have.

    I will be using a diamond bright equivalent to line the pools. Again the list contains two items which mean nothing to me. Bond Kote liquid and Bond Kote powder. Is this the same as the diamond bright? Is it a pool liner?

    I want to send off for quotes for the equipment I will need for these pools and want to give the suppliers as much information as possible and so that I don't end up spending unnecessarily. :?

    Can some assist me please? :?
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    Re: Help with selecting right equipment for pool

    So, you are going to build four are a "builder" with zero knowedge of pumps, filters, etc? I don't know whether to offer you kudos or stiffle a laugh! I liken it to someone who is opening a pizza shop and does not know how to make dough, or what temp the ovens shoud be at.

    I'm going to be gracious and tell you that every pool needs a filter, sized for the pump capacity, the distance of the pipe runs, and the required turnover rate of the body of water. You also need to size the pipe, since you can only push so much water through various sizes of pipe. You should be using, at a minimum, 1 1/2" pipe, and 2" is better.

    I'm gonna stop here, as I just read your post again, and you are going to build pools for semi-commercial rental?

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    Re: Help with selecting right equipment for pool

    A 1hp motor for a 3600 gallon pool is serious overkill. I have a 3/4hp for 18.5k gallons. You probably want 1/2 hp, although there are lots of people on this forum who know a whole lot more about it than I do.

    An eyeball is a gizmo that sits at the end of the return pipe, pointing into the pool; it lets you aim the flow of water out of the return jet.

    Sorry I can't help with anything else,
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    Re: Help with selecting right equipment for pool

    Thank you for the three replies received so far. Budster the analogy is a good one, however, as a mother I could cook pizzas in my sleep. As a builder there are still some things I am learning, that's why I am here with you guys. No one mentioned Salt water systems?! Any thoughts/guidance on whether this would be a real solution or not?

    Thanks again.
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    Re: Help with selecting right equipment for pool

    Are the four pools above ground pools that are being partially buried? Your description is rather vague and contadictory. You may need different pumps for different setups, some filters would go better with SWG than others.

    I believe diamond brite is a finish on a plaster pool. Exactly what kind of pools are these?

    An SWG is just a method of delivery of chlorine. Regardless of that method of delivery you need a filter. Depending on certain situations, certain filters are preferred. So when you say solution, solution to what exactly? SWGs are fabulous, especially in situations where you can only test the water weekly, like a rental or vacation property.

    Ideally you want to spec out each situation with more specifics, rather than ask one generalized thing.

    You can look at pics in our visual encyclopedia in Pool School for the various parts and accessories, like eyeball returns.
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    Re: Help with selecting right equipment for pool

    I think it would be a huge help in conveying what you want if you could post pictures of these pools as they are. That we we would understand the pools exactly, and we could reference the pictures in our explanations.
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