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Thread: Chlorine and Cat Pee?

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    Chlorine and Cat Pee?

    I put some chlothes over my wet swim suit on the weekend and later left these same clothes on the floor in the bedroom. I discovered this morning that our cat peed on and near that area. She's never peed anywhere outside her litter box before.

    I did some reading on the internet that it was the chlorine on the clothes that made her feel like defending her territority.

    Anyone have a chemical explanation for this or have experienced something similar??
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    Re: Chlorine and Cat Pee?

    Once my cat peed in my half full suitcase as I stopped at home to do laundry in between trips. I am sure it was jealousy.

    Does your cat resent the time you spend in, or thinking about, the pool? We recently had a story here about a dog that pooped in the pool as well. With the exception of bladder infections, where the cat wants to pee where you will notice the blood in the urine, I always suspect jealousy.

    So, take note of how often the cat is peeing, and if it is more or less than normal. Less anf more frequently may indicate bladder infection, more or less volume may indicate impending kidney failure. My cat peed in the tub so I could see the blood in the urine from infection. When he began kidney failure in old age he started biting first the kids then me, as he was in pain and no one knew. Take suspicions to the vet, they can test for both conditions. Eliminate those and you are left with jealousy.
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    Re: Chlorine and Cat Pee?

    We have two cats and one of them absolutely loves the smell of sandals that smell of chlorine and sweat from feet, acting almost as if it were catnip. I'm glad I'm not a cat.
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    Re: Chlorine and Cat Pee?

    Our Cat pees on our dirty clothes laying on the laundry room floor in between loads.. Now my son makes sure the clothes are off the floor fearing seeing a flying cat go by his window..
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    Re: Chlorine and Cat Pee?

    Our cat pees on the carpet, and the vet told us to get this hormone spray...many times when a Cat pees in the house outside of the litter box it is due to stress. Cat little Dog BIG! The hormones keep him calm...We spray it in the places he lays down and sleeps during the day, and the places where he pees. We are finally going to get around to taking up the carpet. Could your kitty be stressed? We leave our suits outside, and the cat never bothers them in the summer time.
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