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Thread: Leaning pole

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    Leaning pole

    Hello everyone. I am new to the board and looking for a few answers, hints maybe. Ha. I would love to give suggestions back as we have done alot of dirt work, and prep for our pool. We have the Intex 15x48 Metal Frame pool. So far its been a lil trouble getting the ground level, but after bringing in some sand and getting it level things are alot better.
    But now I have what I hope is a slight problem, but maybe not. Ha..I want to avoid draining my pool and starting over at all cost. But I have about 3 inches off of being level. So far I have not found it to put any extra strain on the pool, but Im sure I am wrong as I am a first time pool owner.
    However I have 2 poles on one side that are leaning a bit. It seems they did not do this until a big rain the other day. We have sand under our pool that was watered and packed over a weeks time before the pool was ever put up. So I have no doubt its packed well, but as you know water unpacks it in an instance.
    I have attached a few pics in hopes that someone might have some pointers on pushing the pole back in just about 3-4 inches. I was told by a friend I could get a soft end hammer and tap it in since its on sand it should slide, or I could let enough water out that I would be able to push it back in..But any suggestions are welcome..Also as you see in one of the pics we have the tubes propped up on a board n chair. If they are not propped it seems to put alot of weight just hanging down to the pump..Any suggestions on what to put under them to not pull on the liner would be good too Thank you so much in advance

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    Re: Leaning pole

    3" is way too much to be off IMO. It is suggested that anything under an inch is okay but 3" is just too much as you can see.

    If this were my pool, I'd start over. I can't see you moving those supports at all even if you did drain some of the water. I know it's not what you want to hear but ground prep has to be nearly perfect to keep the walls level and safe from collapsing.

    Maybe someone else will have a different suggestion. Anyways, welcome to TFP.
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    Re: Leaning pole

    My pool is about an inch off after a big rain too. I had to drain it once already and I fixed it because now it is only off in one spot as opposed to 3
    IMHO, I would drain it and get everything level, that looks like a pretty extreme angle on those legs. More than likely you won't have much luck moving those legs until at least 3/4 of the pool is drained.
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