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Thread: My Baq Conversion Story

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    My Baq Conversion Story

    I've had my above ground, 24' vinyl liner pool for 4 years now. The first 3 were Baquacil --- only the first one was the EZ maintenance, crystal clear water that Baq "promises". Starting with year 2, I fought algae - losing the battle worse each year. Until last year, I always had clear water - just an algae fur around the walls, that got worse as the summers wore on.

    Last year was it -- by July 4th - the algae fur was horrible. Vacuuming to waste every 3 days, using all the algaecide products the pool store recommended ($$$). Shocking every 2 weeks. Even using the $$$$$ ProTeam Borax - that pool store PROMISED would solve the problem for good. All this after switching to the premium Baq algaecide, removing my cake steps (last 2 Baq years)... you name it. And, I followed the Baq regime --- I never skipped the algaecide dose or sanitizer.
    We also changed the sand in filter every year. Backwashing every week or so - Baq builds more pressure.

    I found this site in my search for the true solution. Last year, before closing the pool, I converted to BBB --- after ordering a good test kit, studying the Pool School over & over, and reading the posts by those who went before.... bleach, bleach & more bleach .... in 2 weeks, I'd gone from green fur to technicolor to crystal clear, no algae.

    It's now mid-August, a year later, and I have a pool to be proud of! Not a SPECK of algae this year (in hot, humid Tennessee!) Crystal clear water - and there is a difference between clear and crystal, sparkling water. I do use algaecide for prevention - opened pool with startup dose & keep it up every week, since I was so afraid of the fur returning. Otherwise - straight by the BBB book. We've only backwashed a few times this year - just when rains overfill, not due to pressure rise. Ph was a problem b4 - constantly rising. Stable this year, very little rise.

    You guys BEYOND rock! Even my husband (who freaked at ORDINARY bleach in the pool! And who still prefers that I don't talk about it in public - he thinks it's redneck!) loves it. Not much maint time - just routine stuff that is EZ once you get the chemistry down. And I've spent less all summer on pool maint products than I did in one trip to pool store before. That's great, but for me the water quality is priceless. Loving my pool again with both ladder & cake steps!

    Spend the time to get the right test kit and learn the chemistry (Pool School makes it EZ).

    18,000 gal SWG, pebble tech, Jandy filter, Jandy Aquapure
    Flower Mound, Texas

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    Re: My Baq Conversion Story

    Hi Redneckgeekgurl,

    Thanks to you, and folks like you, posting your experiences helps folks looking to do the conversion feel comforted.

    You are apparently doing the happy dance from Baquagoo to Chlorine and have been enjoying your Trouble Free Pool.

    Welcome to the forum
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    Re: My Baq Conversion Story

    I've never experienced Baquacil, but I just love to see these conversion posts and pics and to read about the successes. It's good to hear you are having continued success since your conversion. Thanks for sharing the info.

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    Re: My Baq Conversion Story

    Tell your husband there is nothing wrong with being "Redneck". It's better than being Baqucil poor.

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    Re: My Baq Conversion Story

    Thanks for this post. I am having a similar experience with my pool. This is my third summer and the algae is worse every year and the expense is more every year. A Cash Cow for Baquacil! I was a little nervous about switching but I am convinced now that I need to do it! Thanks again.
    amoses (Aaron)
    Converted from Baquaqoo in the fall of 09. Best thing I ever did!!
    AG, 24 Ft Round, 54" wall, 48" deep, 13,500 gal., TF-100 test kit
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