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Thread: Some automation, light and water feature upgrades

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    Some automation, light and water feature upgrades

    I have a pretty basic inground pool at my new to me home and id like to do some upgrades between now and next summer. I'm trying to do my research to to figure out whats best for me but with the few pool stores here in vegas ive dealt with I haven't really been able to get any definitive answers. They seem to just want to sell me whatever their store sells.

    Basic rundown of what I have now:
    Pool is Kidney shaped plaster in ground built in 2001,
    3'6" to 6'6" deep,
    32' at the longest
    14' avg width
    Im not sure on how many gallons (any ideas)
    5 non adjustable return jets
    suction side separate cleaner outlet with hayward ultra cleaner

    attached round in ground spa
    5' wide
    4' deep
    6 plain non adjustable return jets

    Starite system 3 300 sqft filter, starite dura-glass II pump, ao.smith 2.6 hp motor, sta-rite sr400hd heater, starite plain old pool lights, intermatic t40000rt can with 1 old type mechanical timer and 2 x10pro plw light switches with x10pro phc01 remote. All manual operated jandy control valves.

    First id like full control of all features and functions that I have and a few that I plan to add in 1 controler. Since I have Pentair/sta-rite for the most part i assume its best to stick with them to eventually have 1 control unit do everything but im open to ideas for another brand that could still utilize my existing equipment features. I want to add a waterfall with lights, landscape lights and cabana lights on it.

    So far ive been looking into the intellitouch. What is added with the +3 on the i7 number over the I5? The only differences I can see are 2 more operated features that the I7+3 has listed, # Auxiliary valve 1 control circuit for motorized valve # Auxiliary valve 2 control circuit for motorized valve on, on the spec sheets.
    If im understanding this correct, the I5 model doesn't include control for 2 extra motorized valve controls and has 2 less operated relays?

    Whats the real world differences between the Intellitouch and the Easytouch?
    In addition to the single unit controller id like to be able to have the information available to a computer, outside temp, pool temp, spa temp, whats on ect ect ect. I don't need to control it from a computer but it would be nice to have this information in a neat nice software type format sitting on my coffee table.

    Next can I add adjustable eyeball type returns? They seem to be set now where the flow zig zags across the pool into the skimmer which is probably great but in the spa id like to be able to move them around.

    As far as lights, any opinions on the the intellibright? Good enough or whats better in the same price range?

    Last for now im wanting to do a tiki themed back yard and I know I saw a thread on building a MOAI head waterfall somewhere on the internet and im having no luck finding it now, any ideas or plans for building such an animal?

    Thanks for any ideas, help, criticism, go shoot yourself comments, whatever you can offer.

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    Re: Some automation, light and water feature upgrades

    Any ideas, opinions or help? Someone has got to have some expertise in this stuff

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