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Thread: Kids exiting Above ground pool

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    Kids exiting Above ground pool

    Quick question for anyone with Above Ground and kids (probably lots of folks!). I have 2 grandsons that want/like to climb out of the pool instead of using the stairs. I am in the process of building a deck all way around the pool.

    Is this a problem? The kids are 6 and 8 and weight is approx 50 and 60 bs respectively. I am trying to discourage this and have them pretty much broken, at least from standing on the rail to jump in, they consistently jump from the deck now.

    Thanks for info.


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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    I certainly wouldn't allow that. I don't think the rails are meant to support any weight. Have you ever seen a full AGP without the top rails on it? It's kind of scary looking. There really isn't much there to support any weight. I think trouble is on the horizon if it continues.
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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    I think it depends on the pool. The manufacturer should have specific recommendations. Our toprails can support my weight (and I'm not light ....)
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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    I think it's generally a bad idea with most above ground pools. My whole neighborhood has heard me "educating" my kids and other people's kids not to hang on the wall or to be careful to make sure they are standing on the deck,not the top rail.

    We do not allow jumping into the pool from the deck. I think there is mixed opinion on this. Should we or should we not be doing this, and if not, is it because of the movement of the water causing pressure on the walls? Or because of the potential damage to the liner? Obviously jumping from the siderails is a no-no.
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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    I would say a lot depends on the pool. We had an above ground pool growing up, and my folks tried to keep us off the sides, but we were probably like a lot kids and we weren't so good at listening . We would walk around the sides, jump off the sides, have jousting matches, etc. These were junior high and high school boys BTW so they where put through the wringers. I am certainly not saying that this behavior should be tolerated, because now that I have 3 kids of my own I am quite certain I would be trying to thwart this type of behavior I am only stating this because after all the abuse that we put that poor pool through we never had any issues with the rails, sides, etc. I have to believe most pools are meant to withstand a good deal of this behavior.

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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    Quote Originally Posted by frustratedpoolmom
    I think it depends on the pool. The manufacturer should have specific recommendations. Our toprails can support my weight (and I'm not light ....)

    LOL 220lbs and I use to do it all the time untill this season.. Not to jump in but I walked around it to vacuum..
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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    Standing on the top rail isn't really an issue, Unless the pool is damaged from age or showing wear it can easily support an adult standing on the top rail. Regardless I wouldn't recommend it just in case. The real issue here is the process of climbing out of the pool without using the ladder or steps. This is what causes crecent moon shaped slices on the slide of the pool wall in the vinyl. Even clipped nails will dig into the vinyl and can cause puntures, make sure they use the ladder
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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    Pool integrity is not an issue here - our pool manufacturer used to have a video on line where they stirred the pool up with the arm and bucket of a big backhoe without uprights and rails - stir was an understatement!
    Uprights and rails don't do anything for integrity - well, on oval pools the side uprights and buttresses keep the sides from pushing out to turn it into a round pool, but round pools have their load equally distributed already and do not need any kind of support, the uprights are really just to hold the top rail and the top rail only exists to protect the top edge of the wall - without it you risk damaging the wall structure if pressure is applied.

    Our pool has roto molded uprights and top rails that are super strong - I have no problem with my kid climbing out over the wall, however, if it were aluminum or metal - I'd have my doubts since it dents easily and takes away from the aesthetics of the pool over time.

    When my kid climbs out - I've taught him to steek clear of the wall - he just swings a leg up and on top without "clawing" the wall.

    Jumping into an AG pool is fine - I have a platform for it - but diving is a nono.

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    Re: Kids exiting Above ground pool

    Well, will it damage your house if you climb out the windows? Are they meant for that? You can, but the question is should you? If you have steps or a ladder then it should be used for that purpose. Kids can get injured standing still, why increase the risk with climbing out of a pool on the wall? Steps/ladder: One less way to cause damage or injury.
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