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Thread: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

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    Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    Well I bought a used pool,its a 27' above ground pool. It came with a jacuzzi pump and sand filter. I think I got it hooked up right but im not sure if the sand filter head is any good?

    The guy was using it just up to 3 weeks ago,I know its old has a few leaks but it appeared fine when I seen it run. The water isnt filled all the way yet it has about 3 more inches to go till it reaches the skimmer so we were just testing it out with the hose running in the skimmer box.

    It works but it runs right out of the waste line,so I read some trouble shooting tips and it said there could be sand in there so I took off the head hosed it out and seem to move easier,and it did slow down. I tried to move it around to different positions and as soon as you press down on the handle it comes out like a fire hose out the waste line,that normal?

    Its also looks like the pressure gauge is broken and looks cracked around where it screws in,Is the gauge real important? I could probally seal it up with something,but before I even go that far is this head shot?

    I'll take some pics so you can see what im working with,but my wife asked me where is the shut off valve so the water doesnt come rushing out of the skimmer box if you need to work on the pump or filter etc.

    We had a 18' intex pool and on the outside of the wall there were 2 plunger valves and you either opened them or closed them and you could take the hoses off,clean the filter etc, this pool has nothing?

    It has a skimmer box and a hose fits on the bottom of that,that runs to the pump,it runs out of the pump to the filter,out of the filter to the clorinator,clorinator to the pool wall where it shoots back in,So if a hose comes unclamped,or you need to disconnect a hose your looking at a flood? Or is something missing or did I do something wrong?

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    Re: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    Welcome to TFP.

    First, don't move the valve while the pump is running. You can dislocate the gasket and cause it to be damaged. Not a big deal, just one more thing to fix.

    The gauge is important as it can tell you a lot about what's right and wrong with the system.

    AG pools will spill water if you have to disassemble any plumbing below the water line, so it's common to add valves between the pool and pump or filter.
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    Re: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    Yes, the gauge is important. It doesn't cost much to replace a gauge.

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    Re: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    So you think the head is not broken just doing that because I moved it while pump is running and it will right it self after running a wile? Can you link me to a valve I would need to add,I think im going to do that,I dont like the fact that it will just leak out a ton of water and no way to shut it off if you need to remove a hose etc.
    Also are replacement gauges pretty standard stuff or will it be hard to find one?
    If I can get all this stuff down I should be pretty good,Other then I have no idea how to use the vacum and clean the bottom of the pool,like how to hook the hoses up to the filter?

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    Re: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    You can get a pressure gauge at your local pool store for under $10 I think last one I bought was like $7. They are real easy to change !
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    Re: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    Like I said the housing where the gauge screws in is cracked up and leaks out,,Im fairly certain I can get a new gauge and some epoxy and should be ok. But im scared of the head leaking out of the waste hole and its going to be no good anyway?
    Im looking on a craigslist and someone is selling from what they say a almost new hayward 1 1/2 HP pump with a 150lb sand filter,Would this be big enough for my pool its 4' and 27' round? They are asking $200 is that a fair price?

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    Re: Can someone please help,Im not sure whats going on?

    I have the same filter and you should be fine. If the handle was on backwash or rinse water comes out of the waste pipe. Turn off the pump between position changes put it to filter and make sure it "sits" down. If the lever is pushed down even in filter mode it will go to waste.
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