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Thread: balancing chemicals in salt water pool

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    balancing chemicals in salt water pool

    We built our salt water pool two years ago and are still learning all the ins and outs of pool maintenance. I finally had all of the basic chemicals ( CYA,PH,TA,FC) balanced when we decided to use a product called Jacks Magic to treat some stains on all the plastic parts in the pool. Most of the chemicals remained balanced after the use of this product with the exception of FC which we can not keep in the pool. We finally had our water tested at the local pool store and found out that the phosphate level was at 2500. Apparently when high levels of phosphates are in the water they kill the chlorine. I researched causes of high phosphates and found a great article that blames metal and stain removers as the cause. We used a very expensive phosphate remover which managed to lower the phosphates to 1000. We shocked the pool and turned up the salt generator to help boost output and get chlorine back on track. We turned our salt generator up to 95% and still only get a salt reading of 3000. Because it has been 100 degrees here for most of the summer I'm more comfortable with a salt reading of 3200-3400 but it won't go up any higher oh and our FC is at 3.1. What else should I be doing?

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    Re: balancing chemicals in salt water pool

    Many people with SWCGs have similiar problems. The cause is not phosphates, but rather an initial low level biological infestation. The cure is not to use phosphate removers, but rather to shock you pool. Check out he Pool School on this website: pool-school/

    If you would like more help then please post your latest chemistry numbers.
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    Re: balancing chemicals in salt water pool

    Hi, Toni,

    Welcome to the forum

    From your post, it appears you are looking for the SWG to increse the salt will not.

    The SWG only produces chlorine.

    I believe you have algae problems but only a full set of test results will help us help you.

    Post back if you don't know what tests we need.
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    Re: balancing chemicals in salt water pool

    You need to manually add chlorine to boost the level, don't rely on your equipment to do it.

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    Re: balancing chemicals in salt water pool

    To repeat and reinforce what others have said....add liquid chlorine to immediately raise your FC level.
    Increasing the percentage on your SWG increases the amount of chlorine being produced by your SWG it does not increase the salt level. At a higher percentage your salt cell is working harder and may decrease its life span. If you want to increase the salt level then you need to add more salt.
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