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Thread: Water has a sllght green blue tinge to it

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    Water has a sllght green blue tinge to it

    How do you get rid of the "green water " you mention under the third suggestion. I have no algae problem and my chem levels are normal, but the water has a sllght green blue tinge to it. If you move the water away from the cement walls you can see the wall is bright white. Not the light green blue seen through the water. I did have an algae problem and added algaecide as directed and sold to me by my X- pool supply store. Switched over to liquid chlorine after spending $$$$ at x pool store.THe liquid chlorine worked great. Can see the bottom of pool no problem. Just have this slight tinged blue green water. At night with light on nothing floating in the water very clear.

    Quote Originally Posted by chem geek

    I referred someone to your sticky (see this thread), but they ended up having some problems so I have some suggestions.

    First and foremost, please start out saying that one should have a good test kit such as the Taylor K-2006 or the TF100. Test strips are generally not accurate and starting out with invalid data can be a big problem. [EDIT] Whoops -- I see that you DO say that in the Be Prepared section -- I guess that just wasn't done in this case. [END-EDIT]

    Second, if the accurately measured CYA level is very high, say above 80 ppm, then it is usually best to do a partial drain/refill since that will need to be done eventually anyway and it will take too much chlorine otherwise or take too long.

    Third, though your sticky is oriented to pool opening, the general algae clearing problem could have someone that already used a copper-based algaecide so note that if that is the case then adding chlorine causes the pH to rise which can cause copper staining and green water. Probably lowering the pH first is a good idea before adding the chlorine, especially in this case. Adding a metal sequestrant at some point will also like be needed.

    Fourth, remind people that every pool situation is different and that they should check in at TroubleFreePool with progress reports every 2-3 days. This is especially true if the clearing process is particularly slow or seems to get stuck.

    33,000 in ground gunite pool with heater, automatic chlorinator and D.E. filter.
    Switched over to liquid chlorine and baking soda this season and very happy. Saved MUCHO $$$$$$$$.
    I bet my pool store "buddy" is wondering where I went to, along with the 100's of $.

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    Re: Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparking Oasis


    You should create your own thread (Moved to a new topic. JasonLion) and post a set of test results. Lot's of folks here to chime in and help you get your pool clear. Green pool water is Algae about 85% of the time and iron in your water the other 5% (I'm making up the percentage but I'm not too far off.)

    So the first step is to eliminate algae. Without a set of test results we can only guess at the water's condition.
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