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Thread: Disappointed in forum

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    Disappointed in forum

    I was very disappointed in the lack of response to a somewhat simple inquiry. I finally decided to purchase a Tiger Shark QC because of the 3 year warranty even with Leslie's model of the Dolphin offering the same 3 year warranty with "promised" local service. With the mgt local turnover and the lack of quality in over half the managers, I felt it might just be more of their BS. The Tiger Shark QC at $860 delivered vs $980 with sales tax for the Dolphin was a part of the purchase but only a part. I found myself wishing I had purchased the Blue Pearl at WOOT.COM when in was on sale for $499

    I suppose I will need to find another forum that will be more responsive when I ask for opinions

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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    If its responses you want, I would suggest you will get more than a few with this somewhat rude post!
    This is the best most helpful forum I have ever been on. Saved me lots of money over the years.

    Sorry you didn't get the support you where looking for but many many people have!
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Well, I can say I didn't reply since I had no experience with either. Maybe you are the first to campare those two, or at least in the time frame of the post. Did you search to see if there had been others commenting on either.

    I have a post unanswered as well, but I don't blame the forum.... maybe it is that every person that viewed it had no help to offer. I know that it was viewed. Sort of confirms the pool store suggestion that my waterfall is simply going to decay and fall into the pool eventually.
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    yes very rude Good luck finding another pool oriented forum with more helpful folks.

    Had it crossed your mind that perhaps no one that happenned to see your post had experience that would answer your specific question?

    I have never used either product you mentioned...sorry I couldn't help time you have a question you may want to pose the question in the post title instead of stating you may move to a robotic cleaner.
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Quote Originally Posted by minus200
    I suppose I will need to find another forum that will be more responsive when I ask for opinions
    First of all, let me say...

    But seriously, though, I do understand because I've posted several unanswered questions. However, I think the wealth of information on this forum, in addition to the willingness of so many people to share their knowledge can make us a little spoiled at times...
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    I think you should credit the members of the forum for not commenting on something they had no experience with. Perhaps you should have asked which pool cleaners people were using and the pros and cons of them instead.
    good luck finding another forum with this level of expertise in pool care, btw! (AND one that does not have ties to a commercial interest such as a supply company.)

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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Ditto !
    Don't have a pool right now. Just sharing what I have learned over the years!
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Agree, I wouldn't answer a post on something I know nothing about. Can't please all the people all the time, and some never at all.
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully you will give me the benefit of your experience
    I don't know what your gripe is. Looks like you got exactly what you asked for
    the benefit of your experience
    . Now you're upset that no one had any experience with your particular combination of products?

    I belong to several forums and this is one of the best. Many of the people on some of those respond to every thread whether or not they have anything to add just to up their post count. I thank the thousands of people here for NOT doing that.
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Wow seriously.. Being in Customer service and having a customer angry don't give me the right to snap back.. Minus, There is alot of info on this website but one cannot answer if they don't know the answer.. Now see, now that you have purchased something, you could give some info if anyone needs it..
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    Re: Disappointed in forum

    Thank you Sparkmaster.

    This seems like a good place to leave a thread that could easily get out of hand, so I'm locking it.
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