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Thread: Outside Audio, and how we do it.

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    Outside Audio, and how we do it.

    I've been reading up here on different audio setups for the pool. I just wanted to share how we do it.

    I'd like to start with, this is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but most of this equipment I use for my Christmas Display. (See if you're interested in that.) I also use some of this stuff for my daughters baton group when they do parades. I have a "Boom-Box" with a 15 inch sub, two 10 inch mids, and two tweeter horns with 2400 watts worth of amps that sit in the back of our Expedition and plays music for them during the parade. So this stuff is getting multiple uses, and was not purchased just for the pool. (or overgrown bathtub as the case may be)

    First, all the music gets played from the computer in my office. I use OtsAV DJ Pro for the software. I think I've tried every dj software out there, and by far this is the best. (Simply because it works, and it works everytime!) While it can play MP3's, it would behoove you to convert them to their proprietary .ots format. It has a built in dynamics processor for AGC, Comp, and Limiter, with i/o gain controls and an equalizer. Auto Beat Mixing (If you're into that) and almost perfect automatic fades everytime! I say almost, because each fade is based on the two songs coming and going and it probably gets it perfect 99.5% of the time. It's only once in a blue moon that I hear a fade and think, "Ouch, that one hurt!" Ots has a 30 day trial if you're interested.

    Now the music get's piped over to the FM transmitter from Ramsey Electronics. These guys have been around forever, and are in and out of trouble with the FCC all the time. Which if you'd like a translation, they know what they're doing and like to push the borderline. It is a kit, so if you're not "VERY" handy with a soldering iron you might want to tackle some easier kits before attempting this one. Here's the link: FM30B Transmitter. They have a pre-assembled and tested version, but is only for export and can not be shipped anywhere in the United States. They used to sell it in the U.S. a few years ago, but got in trouble with the FCC for it.

    I also have this antenna for my Christmas show, but that's WAY overkill for running tunes to your pool, as the supplied whip antenna will do just fine. If you're going to go this route, make sure you're intimately familar with the FCC rules and regs for running this. (Or whatever governs your particular country) Don't want anyone getting a huge fine!

    That's basically it for this setup. Now we can use any portable radio, or stereo system to tune in to "Our Radio Station" and listen to whatever we want to listen to, and I'm in charge of the sound quality. We had an extra stereo leftover when I upgraded our house, so that's what we use by the pool.

    I know there are cheaper FM transmitters out there, and even Ramsey's has cheaper versions. Just beware of frequency fades and shifts and other geeky things that can also get you in trouble with the FCC. "Trouble" is relevant here, they'll start with a cease and desist letter, and then only if someone (probably a neighbor) complains. As long as there are no complaints, there's really no trouble. I only have about 35 neighbors in the 2 mile diameter that I'm able to transmit to with the big antenna I have. They all like the christmas lights, so no one complains. Oh, which btw, is about 1.99999 miles over the legal transmitting limit. (Shhhhh....)

    Enjoy your music, no matter how you get it there!

    Rob B
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    Re: Outside Audio, and how we do it.

    I already had the ability to stream audio and video over the home network using free PVR software (GBPVR, think of it as turning your PC into a free Tivo box) and a Hauppauge MediaMVPat the TV/Sound System. I ran some wires from the amp out to the patio for speakers and now we can play MP3's from the PC or internet radio out to the backyard. And the FCC doesn't care.

    I really like the ability to play internet radio stations. There are thousands to choose from, in any genre imaginable and commercials are very few and far between.
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    Re: Outside Audio, and how we do it.

    Love your Christmas display, especially The Bandjo Jingle Bell.


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    Re: Outside Audio, and how we do it.

    We put our 'pool' up about 100 feet from the house, so wires were out of the question. The transmitter I have sits dormant for 10.5 months out of the year, figured I'd put it to good use.

    I use Cinemar's home automation software along with theatertek to control our home theater and lighting. Someday when we get a real pool, I'll probably integrate that system with the pool pump and lights and other stuff so they can be turned on and off automatically or manually from the touchscreen. I'll probably put an outdoor screen up too, so we can float in the pool and watch movies at night.


    The Dueling Christmas Banjo's were my favorite for that year too! I change the layout of the lights every year, and the songs are different, but I do keep that song. I didn't particularly like that whole show, but it was only the second time I did that, and I keep getting better. The software I do it with keeps getting better too. I really liked last years show, but I spaced out and never got video of it! Duh...
    Rob B
    My $100 pool finally died after 6 years.
    Totally got our monies worth!
    Butterfly made me do it...

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