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Thread: Am i reading these correctly?

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    Am i reading these correctly?

    We just moved to a home with a NON-SWG cartrige filter pool. For the first month we continued to use the pool service that had maintained the pool for the previous owner. I have decided to take on the pool myself and go with the BBB method. I have a few basic questions. We live in FL, the pool gets a reasonable amount of direct sun. There is a fountain overflow from the spa to the pool which runs while the filter is on approximately 5.5 hours per day. The pool service has been shocki9ng the pool every thursday since he said we use it often. During our last week of service i was testing it on a daily basis to get an idea of what it was doing over a weeks time. The FC would be about 6 on the Taylor kit with an CC of 0 with little drop in the fc level. It is now friday a week after the pool service last visit (and shock) and the FC is about 5 and CC 0. I checked the CYA level for the first time and it is at 4.5 milileters. Do I assume that this is a CYA of 45 ppm? Can I also assume that a fc of 5 on the test kit is 5 ppm? Does it seem reasonable for the he fc to drop very little over a weeks period with moderate to heavy use and some heavy rains? He did have some trichlor pucks in the skimmer which have now desolved and I do not plan to use them anymore. My ph has been rock steady at 7.4 to 7.5. According to the cya chart, my target tc should be 6 on the taylor kit. My olan is not to reach shock levels unless I have algae, CC >0.5 etc., and maintain level (6) with 6% clorox. Does all of this appear to you like I am on the right track? Thanks so much for the feedback.

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    Re: Am i reading these correctly?

    Welcome to TFP!

    4.5 milileters is not a CYA reading. What kind of test kit are you using? There should be a scale for reading off the CYA level as a number going by 10s between 0 and 100.

    The FC level will not stay at 5 for days at a time unless you are adding chlorine every day. Depending on what test kit you have, the FC level might be much higher than 5, but the test kit may read levels above 5 as if they were 5.

    In general you are on the right track, but you need to figure out the right way to read the CYA test and what your FC level actually is.
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    Re: Am i reading these correctly?

    Thanks for the response. I Have the Leslie (Taylor) complete poolcare DPD test Kit. I closely scrutinized the small comparator tube and found the scale on the other side of the tube from which I was looking. My CYA level is 75. Therefore based on the conversion chart I need to add chlorine with a current level of 5ppm and a target of 8-9. So my next question is how do I read a level of 8-9 on my leslie kit when it only goes to 5. Now I know that when it is off the chart I can add diluted tap water to measure. Do I just add this reading to 5ppm? Thanks so much! Also thanks to whom eer put it on the iphone. Just purchased it yesterday!!

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    Re: Am i reading these correctly?

    JasonLion made the pool calculator and the iphone version.
    the best way to measure chlorine in your situation is with a fas-dpd test. you can buy a standalone version from Taylor or ... oductId=23
    it will measure FC up to 50+ ppm.
    otherwise you can dilute with chlorine free water. tap water is probably not chlorine free if you're on municipal water. if you do half and half then 5ppm becomes 10ppm, but it's not as accurate.
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