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Thread: Is my pump a goner?

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    Is my pump a goner?

    This is my pump's third year, and today it died right in front of me. It was running, I turned it off in order to backwash the filter, and when I turned it back on it just hummed. Here are some facts:

    1. Hayward Power-Flo LX SP1515 1.5 HP motor. A.O. Smith motor, closest match is BN35SS. 115V, single phase, 12 Amp.

    2. This motor does NOT have a start capacitor. I was lookin' all over the thing before I realized that the caps are placed in a bump on the housing, and this motor does not have a bump. Unless the cap's inside somewhere, there ain't one.

    3. 3 times over the past two months, I've noticed that the breaker has been tripped. In each case, it happened when the timer is set to turn on at 4PM, and after resetting the breaker it started up just fine.

    4. The impeller turns freely.

    5. Thwacking it with a 2x4 while it's humming does not help.

    6. While it's humming, if I spin the impeller by hand, I can get it to start running.

    7. The starter switch in back works fine. The plates are closed (in), if I force them out with a screwdriver, they stay out.

    8. While I've been messing with it, I keep hearing stuff rattling around inside the motor. I've gotten lots of pieces to fall out. I can't tell whether they are dried up caterpillars, or burned epoxy. Please note #4. I haven't figured out how to actually open the motor, if it's even possible.

    Given that I don't have a start capacitor (do I?), and the starter switch works (right?), I'm guessing that there's something wrong with the start winding. Or what else?

    However, all I know about AC motors is what I've learned on the internet over the last 5 hours, so I'd love any advice you've got. I've been out of work for a few months so I'm holding my last few dollars really tightly, hence why I'm trying so hard to fix this instead of buying a new one. But if I need to buy a new one, I'd like to determine that soon so I can get a good price online and have it here before the pool gets too icky.

    Anything you can suggest would be really welcome. Thank you.

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    Re: Is my pump a goner?

    According to the A.O.Smith website for a BN35SS, you have a flex 48 motor, stainless steel shaft, split phase & capacitor start. That's a thru-bolted motor and is attached to the pump casing by the thru-bolts.

    Keeping in line with you saving money. Remove the pump and take it to your local motor repair shop. In about 5 mins they can tell you exactly what the problem is. It may be cheaper to fix than buying a new motor.
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