I had a strange experience with my pool this evening. I was doing a couple of things outside near the pool and then went inside. The pool filter was running and everything was fine with it. About 20-30 minutes after I came inside, the wife comes downstairs and asks me if I know that the pool lights are on and water is shooting out from somewhere near the pool pump.

I run outside and for some reason the spa is running, heater is running, pool lights are on and water is shooting out from the pump from an area of the piping that I thought I had fixed recently. I guess I didn't do that great of a job, but that's a minor issue now. It seems that the spa drain somehow turned itself on (maybe along with everything else?) and so the spa drained and the returns were only going to the pool, and all the water from the spa shot out from the pump due to the broken piping. Anyway, the only way to turn anything off was to hit the circuit breakers. Even though I had the switches on the compool/pentair lx100 control panel off, everything was still running! I'm assuming that something shorted out? We did have a pretty good thunderstorm this afternoon, but it seemed everything was running fine when I was outside shortly before this happened.

Another thing I noticed was that I left the power box for my aquabot outside during the storm and now the power light on the switch will stay on regardless of the position of the switch. That was plugged into a CGFI outlet by the pool and that didn't get tripped at all, neither did any of the circuit breakers in the panel.

Beside those items, I do have a compool SWG hooked up that I did install myself back in June, that also seems to turn on as it usually does and seems to work fine.

Any ideas what to check?