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Thread: Learning to apply BBB to Hot Tub

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    Learning to apply BBB to Hot Tub

    We finally got our hot tub repaired and filled with water. I have read the "How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or poo)?" post a couple times and I have been keeping my AGP balanced well.

    First numbers straight from city water:

    FC = 2.5
    CC = 0
    pH = >8.2
    TA = 180
    CH = 150

    First on my agenda was to bring the pH down - I decided that since I also want to lower my TA to bring the pH down to 7.2 and with the natural aeration of the hot tub the pH will rise back up. I added acid according to the pool calculator and it was down to something between 7.5 & 7.8, so I added more acid to lower it some more.

    Next I added some DiChlor to raise the FC and CYA. I added enough to raise the FC to 10, but in my conversion from ounces to teaspoons somewhere I went wrong and ended up with a FC of 12 - but this retest may have been a little early for full mixing to occur. I know in my AGP you all say to wait 30 min for full mixing to occur, how long should i wait in a hot tub?

    So do I appear to be on the right track?

    My goals are:
    FC 3-5
    pH 7.4-7.6 (after I lower my TA)
    TA 80
    CH 130-150
    FC 3-5
    24ft AGP 52in deep ~13,500 gal
    Hayward Sand Filter 250 lbs
    1.5 HP pump

    425 gal stand alone QCA Hot Tub 15-20 yrs old

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    Re: Learning to apply BBB to Hot Tub

    Assuming you are shooting for CYA around 30 your targets look good to me. FC might not need to be quite so high, unless you are using it pretty much every day.

    In my spa the circulation is pretty strong and 5 minutes to circulate chems would be plenty.
    BBB "Intermediate Swimmer"
    IG plaster pool 18.5K gal, Hayward Pro-Grid DE filter, 3/4 HP Hydramax II; Polaris 380, 3/4 HP booster
    AG spa 325 gal, probably Sundance of some kind
    Water testing instructions on one page

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