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Thread: New Member, summer set up Intex AG pool

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    New Member, summer set up Intex AG pool

    Hi, I am new here, however we bought this pool last summer and completely disassembled it for fall/winter. We are in south Texas, and there was a hurricane in the gulf last fall, and I just took it down completely. We have an Intex 15'X48' above ground metal frame pool. I have been using the chemicals from Walmart from HTH, I have the 3 in 1 chlorinating tablets, the Muratic Acid from the pool store, Super shock, clarifier, and shock and swim. I havent really been testing everyday because I know that the chlorine is down, it just wont raise up. Also, I put my daughters in swim class, and she had a 28' round pool that was gorgeous, I asked her what to do, she said Day 1 super chlorinate & vacuum, day 2 muratic acid & vacuum, then day 3 clarify and vacuum. I have done that, started that a week ago on Monday. My issue other than the Chlorine not staying up, is that the water is clowdy. Not as in dirty, but if we dont get in the pool for several days, you can see stuff on the bottom of the pool and the water is crystal clear, as if us in it stirs it up and makes it worse. Also I have now noticed backswimmers in the pool. So the vacuum I had was the water hose/stick one, but it didnt seem to help much, so I converted it myself to go through the pump and it is doing better, but just cannot seem to get it all up. Just resettles, less but still there. How long does this take and should I just drain and restart all over? I reset the pool up this summer about a month ago, and had crystal clear water for about a week or two, then the clowdy started. I do live out in the country, where all around me is fields, they are harvesting right now, and the winds on an average day ranges anywhere from 25 to 45 miles per hour. So it is hot it is windy, and it is dirty!!
    I printed all the info from here on the basics of BBB for beginners, and for "temporary" pools. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and where to begin and go from here!

    15'X48' intex metal frame pool

    I do have a filter on it, the original filter burned up last year because I left it running all day long, the instructions say to only run it about 2 to 3 hours a day, but i normally run it most of the morning, and again in the evening. Also this summer I purchased a bigger pump/filter I purchased the Intex #635 it pums 1,500 gallons per hour, I just went and looked at the box, but I cannot find the horse power on it, found it online has a 1/3 hp motor on it.

    ** Tested this morning here are the results:
    Cl = 5 (top of test tube could be higher is very yellow) Just did the bleach this morning also, added 3 cups bleach, (1 C = 8 oz) 4,440 gallon pool
    pH = 8.2 (also top of testing tube color, very pink)
    TA = (took 45 drops to change to red) = 450
    Hardness did not turn red with indicator drops showing hardness not present
    CYA did not have any more of the CYA indicator solution so will buy a new testing kit today.

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    Re: New Member, summer set up Intex AG pool

    I am assuming you have the pump and filter set up that comes with an Intex pool. You will need to run the filter 24/7 and clean the cartridge frequently. I don't know if the standard Intex pump and filter will support a better vacuum for your pool but I am sure some of the Intex regulars can help you with that information. Keep vacuuming the pool as best you can. If you use a suction side vacuum, you can rig up a method to vacuum to waste by plugging the return inside the pool and disconnecting the return hose from the outside of the pool. Use a band clamp to attach a backwash hose so you can direct the waste water away and not swamp your yard. Vacuuming to waste will keep the sediment that is too fine for your filter to catch from going back into the pool. Refill the lost water after vacuuming to waste.

    You need to obtain one of the recommended test kits, test the water and post the results so the experts can advise you on what to do to treat the water. It sounds like you need a good liquid chlorine shock but without test results I can't be sure. Keep reading the forums. They are a wealth of information. Good luck!
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    Re: New Member, summer set up Intex AG pool

    You need to get both PH and TA down. Take a look at the article on lowering TA at pool school.
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