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Thread: New Intex pool setup

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    New Intex pool setup

    I recently purchased a 16' X 48" intex pool. After a couple of weeks with the pitiful pump/filter they give you and constantly battling cloudy water I decided to go get something better. I purchased a columbia high rate sand filter/pump from my local pool store. I'm not sure of the model number but it is the smallest one. I hooked it up and double shocked my pool the same night. The next morning the pool was super clear, but there was a bunch of junk on the bottom(couldn't tell if it was sand or dead algae. So I went back to the local pool store and bought a vacuum, pole and hose. The filter I have has three settings, Filter, Backwash and waste. The pool store said to vacuum on waste so i don't get all that junk in the pool. I followed their instructions, it appeared to suck most of the stuff up. when I was done I put the filter back into Filter position and the return began to spew white cloudy stuff back into the pool making it cloudy again. My question is what did I do wrong?

    Then today i came home to find the skimmer basket almost parallel to the pool water sucking in air. The pressure int he pump was 5psi and the return was spitting white cloudy stuff back into the pool, until I got the skimmer back under water. Does anyone know if you get air in the system if it will spit sand out of the return?

    My last question is I am using liquid chlorine and I will treat the pool at nigh after taking the tablets in floater out. the next morning the FC reads about 10 then when I get home from work the FC reads 1. Does this mean there is still algae in the pool? The water is a little cloudy but not to bad.

    Thank you for any help you can provide me.


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    Re: New Intex pool setup

    Hi, Welcome to TFP.

    Does your filter have a 'rinse' setting? You should always rinse after backwashing...

    Read Pool School... we need to know your numbers so we can help you.

    I assume you have no stabilizer in your pool, hence all your chlorine is getting burned off during the day.

    Post numbers for the following and we can help you further

    8200 gallon 20' x 48" round vinyl frame pool,
    Intex SWCG, 12" sand filter, 1600gph pump, TF100 test kit
    Handy Links: PoolMath, TF-100 Test Kit, Pool School, Chlorine/CYA Chart
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