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Thread: Water Test 7-30

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    Water Test 7-30

    Ok I have finally got the CYA on the right track. So here are my numbers:

    FC - 5.5
    CC - 0
    TC - 5.5
    PH - 7.5
    T/A - 130
    CH - 480
    CYA - 70

    I know that the T/A and CH are too high. We tested our water going into the pool and it has alot of calcuim in it, so I have no idea how to adjust these numbers?

    The pool water is sparkling clear but .... we still have some scale/calcuim comming in the pool and hot tub from the jets.

    Oh we do have some raised algea it looks black but when you brush it is green. They are small about the size of a pea or smaller, and not many of them. I think brushing will get rid of it?
    Thanks Tammy Sue in Texas
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    Re: Water Test 7-30

    you may want to raise your fc a bit with chlorine/bleach and brush to get rid of that algae. I don't think shock level would be necessary, but you can try if you want.
    your ch is ok, not much you can do besides replace water, so if your fill water is high, your ch will be high no matter what. keep the ph in check always.
    not sure what you mean about stuff coming out the jets. if you have another thread, please keep your posts in that thread.
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    Re: Water Test 7-30

    Yes, it is very important if you have high calcium to keep your pH in check and on the lower end ie not above 7.5.

    Brush those algae spots and keep your chlorine up! It's the only way to get rid of black algae. You have to brush them every day, maybe a couple times a day until they are gone. The black aglae is really stubborn and has a hard outer shell so brushing it helps scratch the surface so the chlorine can penetrate it and do it's job by killing it.

    I see you have a SWG. I would personally add bleach to the pool instead of running it so you don't stress the cell out.
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    Re: Water Test 7-30

    I played around a bit with the Pool Calculator and if the salt level is anywhere in the 2000-3000 range then the high CH is not really an issue. As always an SWG will tend to make the pH rise so you need to keep on top of it, but I think no more than usual.
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    Re: Water Test 7-30

    Thanks for all your help.

    The scale / calcium comes from the jets where the water is coming back into the pool from the filter. I hope I am making sense. We have had it all summer and it is just annoying because we have to vacuum the hot tub out. I just thought it might be happening because our CH is so high? Yes we always have to check the ph and put muratic acid in the pool. It is starting to keep a more steady ph level.

    I do have the cell set on 100% - so maybe I need to reduce that and add the bleach. I dont want to ruin the life of the swg by keeping it at 100%.

    Also, we have tiles around the top of the pool, they have a water line on them and where the water returns from the hot tub to the pool their is some white hard stuff (I think calcium on the tiles) How do I clean the water line from the tiles?

    I think our pool is in pretty good order thanks to all your help!
    Thanks Tammy Sue in Texas
    in ground pool
    20,000 gallons
    pool surface: plaster - diamond brite
    Filter - Pentair clean and clear 200 cartridge
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    Re: Water Test 7-30

    To clean the tiles try a diluted solution of Muratic Acid and water. Dilute the acid 5:1 and use a toothbrush to scrub - the scale should foam as it dissolves.

    It sounds like you have had scaling issues associated with high PH and TA.....and you are seeing it coming out of the jets. If you keep the PH around 7.2-7.4 for awhile and never let it go above 7.6 that should help. Overtime your TA will come down, don't let it go below 60.
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