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Thread: When to Run Pump with SWG system?

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    When to Run Pump with SWG system?

    Does it matter when i run my pump with an SWG system? I have been running from 8pm to 8am everyday. Not sure if it's better to run during the day to offset the chlorine loss from the Sun.

    Also, i have a 2 spd. pump and was using low speed 24 hrs. a day but I seemed to growing algae even when my FC was at acceptable levels(using TF100 kit). I went back to high speed and it eliminated my problem. Just wondering if ohters had issues with low speed also? I was thinking that because the water wasn't being returned to the pool with as much force through the returns that maybe it was creating dead spots in the pool?

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    Re: When to Run Pump with SWG system?

    Usually low speed 24/7 is enough to prevent that kind of issue...but you could be right, especially depending on plumbing specifics...

    I think as long as you aren't having problems with your current run time now, you should be fine, but I would suggest running for a few hours during the day - maybe break up the time, 3-4 hours during the day and the rest at night...
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    Re: When to Run Pump with SWG system?

    I was also worried about my filter run time (at night). It's been about 15 years since I've had a pool so I'm getting back "into it". (It's pretty much all coming back to me and THANK GOODNESS for THIS FORUM!).

    I think "Frustrated" hit the nail on the head. It seems that every situation is a bit different. I "officially" got up and running and got all of my chemistry correct about 3 weeks back and I'm sitll in the - experimenting stage -.

    Right Now, I'm running my filter from 9:45pm until 7:15am with the SWG operating from 11pm until 6am.

    I then have the filter and pump come on from 2pm until about 4pm or so just for some water movement during the day.

    I too was "torn" between running the SWG during the day to offset the sunlight (which I get a good amount of) or during the night to boost the chlorine levels over the nighttime hours.

    I may actually have to cut down the SWG at some point. My FC was a bit high actually but since I just did my start up, I had a teeeeeeeny bit of algae that looked like it popped up so I want to play it safe and make sure nothing re-appears before I adjust. (I seem to be hanging in at 6ppm - and that's with a ton of rain - but it does vary down). Still I think I'll need to bump down as I get more familiar.

    It's been crystal clear , no chlorine odor and oooooooooooh so smooth with the salt thanks to TFP. In fact, it's 10:30pm and I'm on my out for a quick dip before bed

    The TF-100 is SOOOOOOOO much better than testing in "the old days". Although I've only done the tests a few times now, it's incredible how much info the kit provides. That coupled with the pool calculator is fantastic. Other than an initial shock early on, my nighttime SWG and pump cycle seems to be working out well so far.
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