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Thread: No high speed on our two speed pump

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    No high speed on our two speed pump

    Hi! My roomate and I successfully repaired a used hot tub this past year and everything worked just fine (turned out the only thing really wrong with it was that it needed a new pump). We used it until May when we moved it to a different house. When we set it up again it appeared to be working fine until we tried to switch our two-speed pump from low to high. It made the normal "clunk" sound but there was no increase in the noise which I assume means no increase in RPM. There was definitely no increase in water flow (and everything is open fully). I'd like to think there's nothing wrong with the pump since it's less than a year old and I'd also like to thing that it's not the circut board since it was replaced right before we got it but those seem like the only two options to me. Anybody got any ideas? Could the bumpy ride have been an issue?

    Also, this may or may not be relevent...but we had the wire to our heating element burn out when the water level got too low in the tub (because of splashing...yes it was at a party...haha yes we are college boys ) preventing adequate water intake to the pump and therefore over the element. Could this have anything to do with it?

    Thank you for any ideas you may have!
    21' above ground pool.
    1.5 HP pump

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    Re: No high speed on our two speed pump

    So when you press the button to turn it on high speed the pump stays on low speed? That means the power isn't switching from one line to another which would be a control issue.
    What kind of control is it? Some have manual dip switches on the side to set different options, one of which might change the programming from a 2 speed filter/jet pump to a circ pump + jet pump set up which would give you the same issue, plus you'd still hear a relay trying to kick on a separate pump as you described. A bumpy ride could certainly have moved a switch.
    Check the side of the control box for a switch bank (usually 8-10 switches). You might have to open the control panel and look on the inside of the cover to see what those switches do (if you have them).

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