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Thread: What size Intex pump is needed

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    What size Intex pump is needed

    I recently bought an Intex above ground pool for my kids. I did not want to mess with all the chemicals so I bought the Intex salt water generator to go with it. Everything has been going well but now I am getting low water flow message on the generator. Do I need a bigger pump. Generator said I needed 700gph to work.
    Guy at the pool store said I would get this error message because the pump is to small.

    I have cleaned the filter out and checked all the lines for any blockage. We have only had it for two weeks and I have change out the filters 3 times. So I do not think it is that the pump is dirty.

    I have a 3500 gallon AG POOL.
    It came with a 1000gph pump and filter.
    21x40 roman ig vinyl (don't know the gal offhand)
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    Re: What size Intex pump is needed

    Your pump is pretty close to the min flow required by the SWG. Unfortunately I have to agree with the pool store guy, but before I do that let me ask a couple of questions.

    1) Has the SWG been working for a length of time with no issues?
    2) Has something recently changed in the system?
    3) Have you changed the filter or just been cleaning it?

    If the SWG has been working up to now without a problem then something has happened to reduce the flow. Start by replacing the filter with a new one and check the pump and piping for restrictions. If it's always been a problem then you'll have to increase the size of your pump.
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    Re: What size Intex pump is needed

    Have you looked where the hose comes in to the pump from the pool? There is a filter (of sorts) there. I know mine will get clogged with "stuff" when I use my pool vac.

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    Re: What size Intex pump is needed

    Bama Rambler,

    Thanks for responding to my question. To answer your questions:

    The SWG has worked well for about three days then the Error message of LOW FLOW began. I have only had the pool for Two weeks. I cleaned out the pump housing and replaced filter. It worked again for two days and started getting the Error Message again. Changed filter and it works for one day only. I have gone through 5 filters in 2 weeks.
    21x40 roman ig vinyl (don't know the gal offhand)
    Pentair Tagelus 325lb sand filter

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    Re: What size Intex pump is needed

    I tried what Donnest recommended and I am not getting the code today....I will try this next time I get the error message because I am sure I may get this again.

    Will consider buying a larger pump if I get fed up with the error message.

    Thanks to all for your help. I will start reading up on other up keep for our 1st pool before I try my hand with a nice IG summer.
    21x40 roman ig vinyl (don't know the gal offhand)
    Pentair Tagelus 325lb sand filter

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    Re: What size Intex pump is needed

    Please post a full set of test results, also how many hours are you running the SWG to produce chlorine?
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