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Thread: aeration methods?

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    aeration methods?

    Hey everybody
    I'm a new pool person and pretty much everything I know (about operating a pool) I've learned here. For the most part things are fine, but I have a couple of questions for someone.
    First some numbers.
    FC 0-5
    PH 8.0
    TA 180
    CYA 50
    1. I'm using a SWCG and loving it. I run it at night, morning test is about 5.0 but then is nearly zero by late afternoon and time to start the SWCG up. Should I be running it some during the daytime?
    2. PH is high but the water is very nice and clear and not irritating at all.
    3. TA is high, but is it? I've read a couple differing recommendations. 60-80 on the pool calc. and 120-180 elsewhere.
    4. CYA? I've seen 40 to 60 and 70 to 80 on pool calc.

    So, lower PH and TA with muriatic acid and then aerate? or what? And if acid and aerate, what is an easy way to aerate?

    You guys are great.

    24' round AG, 14k gal, SWCG

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    Re: aeration methods?

    Welcome to TFP!

    Recommended CYA levels are given by SWCG manufacturers. Typically 60-80ppm, but check for your particular model. Running at that level will make life easier on the generator and it will last longer. Normally you run the generator any time the pump is running, and vary the output to maintain an appropriate FC level. Some daytime running is usually desirable.

    You will want to add some muriatic acid to lower the pH. TA will go down as well when you do that. If you aerate while the pH is near 7, you will raise the pH while keeping the TA down. Aeration is easily accomplished by point the returns to the surface. Fountains work faster, but if you hold the pH down, slow and steady will do the job. Your SWCG will also tend to cause pH rise, so you'll need to add MA regularly.
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