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Thread: HELP!! Hayward H400 problem w/video

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    HELP!! Hayward H400 problem w/video

    I have a 3 year old Hayward H400IDL pool heater. The mainboard was replaced 6 months ago due to ignition failure.

    I now have a new problem. The heater ignites and stays lit for up to 1 min then flutters for 15 to 30 seconds and shuts off. It then repeats the ignition sequence and does it all over again. I never get a error code.

    here is a video with audio I took of it happening.

    any suggestions on what I need to do to fix this or part to replace would be appreciated.



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    Re: HELP!! Hayward H400 problem w/video

    Okay nevermind.. I found the problem and fixed it

    So I was so ****** off that I just start tearing apart my heater.

    ****Future note to Hayward owners***

    There is two vacumn hoses attached to the main blower located under the top cover of the heater.

    Hayward in their cheap *** ways used the crapiest hoses possible. These hoses over time will crack and either leak or in my case just fall off.

    These hoses are a safety feature to tell the mainboard that the blower is functioning. Without the complete vacumn the heagter will shutoff so it doesnt catch fire.

    One of my two hoses had cracked on the end and just plain fell off. I clipped the end back to the good part of the hose and put it on the nipple.

    I assume that most "IF" error codes are caused by this problem.

    ALL FIXED AND NO $125 repair man fee!!!!!!


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    Re: HELP!! Hayward H400 problem w/video

    I will have to take mine apart and inspect the hoses, did you take any photos? I'm a visual kind of guy.
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