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Thread: Bad sand filter

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    Bad sand filter

    My sta-rite sand filter(which is only 2 years old) has seemed to stop filtering the pollen I get in my pool altogether. It has always allowed some pollen to get through which eventually winds up in the wrinkles of the bottom but I could usually vacuum a couple times a week and keep it managable and the water would always be clear. BUT NOW in the last few days, it seems that it isn't catching the pollen at all. My water is filthy and when I was manually vacuuming this morning, I could see some of the brown **** coming back into the pool from the return. It looks like algae has taken my pool over, but my numbers don't point to algae at all. The pollen is stired up easily and now the water is cloudy as all get out.

    Do I replace this filter, or should I try to have it fixed. I would sorta like to invest in a better filter anyway because I don't think this one has ever done the best job on filtering the pollen. What would be a good choice if I replaced the filter?
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    Re: Bad sand filter

    How often are you having to backwash?
    It sounds like you may have channeling. An acid wash might be in order.
    once you get the issue with the sand filter resolved you can add DE to it to increase the filter efficiency.
    If you want a filter to catch the pollen you'll most likely need a large cartridge filter with fine filter media. Going with a cartridge filter means more maintenance but it may be worth it to you.
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    Re: Bad sand filter

    I'm quite happy with my 150 sf cartridge filter.... I also have a 2 speed pump and I run it on low 24/7.

    I clean the filter once mid summer and then again before I put it away for the winter. I don't find the maintenance problematic at all.

    Have you checked your sand to make sure it isn't channelled? Do you run on low?
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    Re: Bad sand filter

    You could also try using a skimmer sock. It's a stretchy sock that goes over the skimmer basket and catches a lot of the pollen and smaller particles that a filter will miss.
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    Re: Bad sand filter

    Even though my filter seems to do well with the minimal amount of pollen I get, I still use a skimmer sock.; (Or one of my wife's nylons in a pinch) - Yikes !.... Don't take the brand new ones ! >>>

    It's amazing how much pollen and little junk / sludge the skimmer sock removes..

    I would imagine this may be a pain though if you have a large amount of pollen though.

    A nice added benefit is when she ruins a pair of fancy stockings and I have a nice floral print or butterfly print nylon on my skimmer basket. Preeeetty !
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    Re: Bad sand filter

    Please see the advice in this thread (speaking of that thread, any chance you can edit your post there and link this in it? Thanks for starting your own thread Though the issues are similar (and may have the same root cause) it's best to keep things separate - and cross link so others with similar issues will know there are other posts to check )
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