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Thread: Lots of SWG problems this year

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    Lots of SWG problems this year

    First post here... looks like a lot of good info shared from what I have read before deciding register and make a post.

    Well, after about 3 years of flawless operation and bragging to people about how good and inexpensive it is to have a Salt Water pool... I got bit.

    I have a Polaris AutoClear Plus, .. late last year I got an error code 94, after reading in the trouble shooting guide it turns out that it was a fuse that blew and actually melted the fuse holder. I replaced the fuse holder and fuse and it was working until about a month until I got a new error code 91. According to the trouble shooting guide ( I was experiencing one of the 3 following issues; water temp not set right, low salt concentration, check and clean cell. All 3 seemed like logical reasons why my SWG stopped working... so I checked the pool temp and the temp on the unit... that was fine. I check the salt water concentration by taking a sample to the local Leslies pool supply... They said that my salt water concentration was too high, it was at 4000. This was very strange to me because if anything I thought it would need more salt like the SWG was indicating, it was saying I had 2400. I also removed and inspected the cell, yea, it was really dirty, so I cleaned it out and reinstalled it. I still couldnt figure out why my salt level was so high, I did drain some of the pool about 6 inches, I have a 26,000 gallon pool. The cell still didnt read the salt water level of the pool properly, it was reading too low.

    Well, nothing seemed to be working, so I called the Polaris tech line and because I was still under warranty they sent out a new cell because they determined from what I explained to them that the cell was not working properly. I got the new cell on Monday and installed it... I got a new error code 92. Only good thing is that my salt water level seemed to be reading normal now... at 3000ppm (this was after I did a big backwash of the pool and drained another 6-8 inches of water out.

    There are 6 things that could be wrong with the SWG with a error code 92;
    1. Confirm circulation pump is running.
    - Yes, its running good, although sometimes big bubbles come out of the jets. I recently really tightened the cover on the pump and have not seen big bubbles since.
    2. Clean skimmer, filter and pump basket; backwash if necessary to ensure flow.
    - Yea, everything is all clean and I recently did a good backwash.
    3. Inspect cell and clean.
    - Brand new cell installed
    4. Verify valve to cell is open.
    - I assume it means the valve to the cell itself,... I have no way of turning it off, so it is always open to the cell.
    5. Check cell installation; arrows on flow switch and cell housing should point in direction of flow.
    - Yes, this is installed the same way the other one, in the direction that the water flows through the pipes.
    6. Verify flow switch wires are connected and intact.
    - flow switch? I wonder if this means the sensor... but since they are new I would assume they are intact.

    With everything checked, I still couldnt get the code to clear. I called the Polaris tech line again and the tech told me to trick the flow sensor... he said to wrap a rubber band around the flow sensor so it thinks that its working. If my code goes away then that means I have a low flow issue because its not letting the sensor activate. So I tried the trick and low and behold, nothing happened, error code 92.

    I called up the Polaris tech line today and told them this whole story and they are going to send out to me a new flow sensor to replace the new one that is in my SWG. I really dont think this is going to solve my issue... I dont think they would send out a brand new defective salt water cell.

    I did notice that when I remove the display board for the SWG that the wire of the fuse holder (which is connected to the circuit board) is poorly soldered and attached to it.

    Anyways, can anyone give me some tips or advice please, I would like to go swimming trouble free like I used to. Thanks!


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    Re: Lots of SWG problems this year

    Welcome to TFP!

    At this point it has to be either the flow sensor or the wire between the sensor and the main unit. You might want to examine the wire and double check the connections on both ends.
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    Re: Lots of SWG problems this year

    Here are pics of the wiring... the only one that is suspect to me is the wire that goes to the board on the inside.... its has a poor soldering and is coming loose.

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    Re: Lots of SWG problems this year

    try resoldering it?

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    Re: Lots of SWG problems this year

    I was having the same issue. I discovered when I cleaned the electrolytic cell last, one of the 3 metal plates had shifted and was shorting out against another plate. Once I separated them and they were no longer shorting out the system worked fine. I would also imagine that when the copper electrode breaks down it's possible that a piece of copper could get stuck between plates and cause a short as well. If you have a multimeter you can test if the plates are shorted. They should not be making any contact with each other.

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