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Thread: New Install

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    New Install

    Finally had pool installed on July 6. Have been lurking/reading here since early June and have been using BBB method since day 1 (actually day 2 when pool was filled). Water has been crystal clear since startup. I did use some tri-chlor tabs the first day or so (2 of them) because I could not find stabilizer at my local stores. I did find it later and added in a sock in the skimmer. Anyway, numbers as follows from last night:

    FC: 6.0
    CC: 0.0
    pH: 7.5
    TA: 90
    CH: 30(? don't remember as not really applicable)
    CYA: 30 (may bump up a bit)

    Checked these last night after adding chlorine to get up to 6. Plan to recheck tonight after sun gets over the trees and shades pool to see about how much FC loss during the day. I am thinking around 3 ppm or so.

    I initially added some Borax and Baking Soda, and last week had to add a little Muriatic Acid, but other than that, only Bleach has been called for in the pool.

    I must admit I have been a bit stressed over taking care of the pool, as I knew my wife would not be happy with a less than sparkly pool. This is our first pool, other than the waders we have had for the grandkids. Which, by the way, we have 6 and 8 yr old grand sons that live with us full time. Not easy at our age, but they are generally good kids and we got the pool specially for them.

    The pool testing has gone easier than I had envisioned, thanks duraleigh! That is the part I was most stressed about. Afraid I would really screw up the testing and get everything out of whack. Hasn't happened, yet.

    Enough of my rambling, this was mostly to give a big shout-out to all the folks on here who go out of their way to help everyone like me. This is only my 2nd post, but I have been reading all I can on the forum, even threads going back 2 years. I figure the problems don't really change, they are just different names involved.

    Thanks again, and I will be back reading more and learning every week!


    Edit: TA was actually typo!

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    Re: New Install

    Looks great, sounds like you have a handle on things. I would recommend you raise the TA to at least 70-use baking soda.
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    Re: New Install

    Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work.

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    Re: New Install

    Great job, Edd.

    Do you have a pic of the pool for us?
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