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Thread: High Combined Chlorine Questions

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    High Combined Chlorine Questions

    What are some of the pitfalls that cause high combined chlorine? Or better yet, what is the best way to avoid having it build up? I have to admit, there are times when I don't check my FC for several days and then have it drop to nothing and then seem to be playing catchup = could that be causing my high CC? I have a very hard time keeping mine down, it seems that every summer it will creep back up to 4 or 5 PPM. Also, are there any other ways to get rid of it once its up there other than super chlorination? Things like manipulating the ph or letting the pool get more sunlight. I have a safety cover so my pool spends just about the entire week under cover with no light. Other than super chlorinating it seems that if I "air the pool out" so to speak by leaving it open for a couple of days I can get it back in check.
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    Re: High Combined Chlorine Questions

    The trick is to never let your chlorine get lower than your minimum recommended level for your CYA. You are definitely contributing to the CC buildup by letting it go for a few days. You should super chlorinate (shock) whenever your CC's get over .5 ppm. Doesn't your pool get pretty noxiously chloriney smelling when it gets 4 to 5 ppm of CC? Maybe I have an extra sensitive nose, but I can smell it when it gets to .5 ppm.

    I cannot speak about covers. I've never had one. Does your pump run every day while your pool is covered?

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    Re: High Combined Chlorine Questions

    Keeping your cover on all week, while allowing the FC to drop to 0, will cause exactly what you describe.

    It's not so much the cover itself, but the FC issue that's causing your problem. I would allow the cover to be open for an hour or two each day, so the sunlight can help destroy the CCs.

    Consider and SWG, or stop (in your words) "there are times when I don't check my FC for several days and then have it drop to nothing". Your situation sounds completely avoidable, IMHO. Sorry for being so direct, don't mean to offend.

    You need to shock, and then change your "routine".
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    Re: High Combined Chlorine Questions

    Of course the advice above is correct; however if you want additional help in reducing CC and you use a cover a lot you will find that at least 12 grams of ozone per day n your pool will help emper the problem. You still need more consistent chlorine levels regardless. I think a SWG would be your best money spent.
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