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Thread: Power Control Relay Issue

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    Power Control Relay Issue

    This is our first pool. We just moved into the house a month and a half ago. The pool is approximately 9 years old. Before we moved in, we had the sellers make some repairs to the pool, including replacement of the Jandy Aqualink RS4 PCB as well as the power control relay for the lights.

    Last Wednesday night, we used the spa, air blower, and lights. Thursday morning the pump did not come on as programed at 8 a.m. Went out to the panel and it was on timeout mode, so I put it back on but it did not come on. Tried to reset and still nothing. Had the Home Warranty contractor come out (unfortunately not until Monday), who said it was the PCB (which is not covered by the warranty of course). Had the seller's repair guy come out who said the PCB is just fine and it was the relays that were out.

    So this is what the puzzle is:
    1. Three of the four relays were out - the pump, air blower, and lights.
    2. The pool is apparently wired in an odd way. The air blower and light relays are wired to the pump relay, so if the pump relay is out then the others are out too. (?)
    3. When the seller's repair guy replaced the pump relay, the cleaner worked but neither the air blower nor lights worked.
    4. The only other weird thing is that the indoor panel has two quirks - the "solar" light comes on sometimes even though nothing is installed in the solar auxilliary input, and the display light will sometimes come on and I have to go through the menu to get it off. The filter pump and cleaner timed programs work fine.

    Any ideas? The seller's repair guy had no idea why three relays would go out at once, especially considering one was only 1.5 months old... I have the home warranty contractor coming out again this week to replace the other two relays (which are covered by the warranty) but obviously want to get to the bottom of the problem.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: Power Control Relay Issue

    If two other relays were getting their power from a relay instead of a breaker, and you had all three running at once, that may be why your relay burned. You were putting the amperage from the blower, the light, and the pump thru one relay that probably isn't rated for all that. The relays have amp ratings on them. Your pump is probably about 8 amps, the blower could be as many as 5 or 6, and the light maybe 4. 18 amps with a start up spike of who knows how much. Even if the relays could take that much, they shouldn't be daisy chained like that. From breaker to relay to appliance, thats how it should be wired.
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