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Thread: Where do I empty the salt water in my pool?

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    Where do I empty the salt water in my pool?

    Hi -- newbie here! I'm sorry if this has been previously addressed, but I did a search and didn't locate any information.

    We had a heck of a hail storm last night, which brought down all manner of leaves and other debris. Our Intex above-ground pool (with SWG) sits under part of the overhang of our roof. The storm was really bad and our gutters overflowed like crazy, so there's a lot of "roof gunk" and such in our pool. It's polluted beyond cleaning and I need to empty it. The thing is...where is it okay to empty the salt water? Will it kill off my grass if I empty it there? I can snake a hose down to the gutter if need be.



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    Re: Where do I empty the salt water in my pool?

    Some here have drained to their grass with no issues, but I personally have not tried it. I run a line to the street. Depending on your city or county you may or may not be able to drain it to the sewer line of your house.

    If you have time and patience you can probably recover from this "disaster" as long as none of the debris in your pool is toxic. One of the site experts could probably comment better if that is advisable or not, if it is you found the right place to help you do it!!
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    Re: Where do I empty the salt water in my pool?

    Thanks so much for your reply! We have a hard enough time keeping the grass alive that I should probably just avoid putting all that salt water on it

    I thought about just running the pump for a few days to get the water back in line, but I'm not sure exactly what kind of crud has been fermenting on our roof and is now floating around in the pool. We do have squirrels and raccoons that traipse around up there and I'm sure do their bathroom business there LOL! Plus the pump that came with the pool struggles to filter the pool, so it would probably take more than a few days to get that thing all clean.

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    Re: Where do I empty the salt water in my pool?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Some grasses are more resistant to salinated water, allowing backwashing or draining of pool water onto the lawn but, we don't know if your grass is

    With a small Intex pool, you're probably better off just dumping the water and starting fresh

    What it really depends on is how expensive is water in your area? How much will salt and balancing chems cost? What's the current chlorine situation - free and combined?

    Using the system that came with the pool makes it less attractive to keep the water, they just don't have the ability to clean a potential swamp efficiently If you have a leafrake for the pool, it would help greatly to get as much solid stuff out of the pool as possible.

    I'm still leaning towards a full drain and refill and thinking that keeping the salt water off the lawn would be preferable.
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    Re: Where do I empty the salt water in my pool?

    Except in very arid parts of the country, putting pool water on the lawn is just fine. The very low salt levels in a SWG pool won't cause any problems, and the grass will appreciate the moisture. In very arid parts of the country, the salt can buildup in the soil over time, but that won't happen most places.
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