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Thread: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

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    New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    First time poster.. Have been reading your site for some time and am thankful for the info it has provided. I have a bit of an issue I hope you can help with.

    I've just installed a 24 ft AG pool. Timing was horrible, since we are leaving for a 3 week vacation, and I don't believe it will be full enough for us to start running the pump/SWG before we leave. I could enlist the help of aneighbour but I figure they might make more of a mess that anything. Is there something I can add to the water to minimize it turning green while I'm away ?


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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    a chlorinator might help but keep in mind it's using trichlor.
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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    Did it come with a cover?

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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    No it did not come with a cover. I'm located in eastern Ontario, Canada. Daytime temps aren't all that high especially this year - Low to mid 70s.

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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    Any relation to LICD/LFG Sohmer?
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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    I assume you have added no chemicals to the pool (chlorine/CYA)? Have you had the tap water tested for PH/TA?

    You could get a floater, put some trichlor pucks in it. make sure the ladder is not in the pool, so that the floater won't get stuck behind it. But the trichlor will lower the PH/TA while you're gone.

    Chances are the pool will be green when you get back but we can help you clear it up. Not much else you can do without circulation.
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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    You may want to reconsider the help of a neighbor. If you can get even some chems in the pool and setup your equipment then turn off the breaker. then all they have to do is turn off the water and flip the breaker.

    I am not sure how much more of a mess you think they can make compared to your pool just sitting for 3 weeks unattended.
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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    No chlorine or CYA has been added. PH is 7.8, TA 190.

    I will get the floater and add trichlor pucks.

    I don't want to burden the neighbor with this. This is new to me, and as I open the pool will more than likely have some questions. I have the time and interest to learn these things, the neighbour wouldn't. An extra complication is that I know I have iron in the water. I will have it tested to find out the exact amount, but a sequestran will be in order.

    Thanks !

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    Re: New pool - Cannot run pump & SWG for 3 weeks

    When are you leaving? Can you have water trucked in and get your pump running before you leave?

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