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Thread: High Alkalinity

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    High Alkalinity

    If I have read everything right, I need to add acid to get my alkalinity down. First here is the pool info

    Pop-up Pool
    5300 gallons
    1000 gph pump/cartridge filter
    Last Readings:
    ph - 7.5
    ta - 220
    hardness - 220
    cya - 40
    cl - 4

    According to the pool calculator about 188oz of acid will lower my alkalinity by about 152 (which would put it close to the appropriate range). How much do I add at one time, & how long do I wait til I add more?

    The biggest concern is what kind of damage (if any) does high alkalinity cause to a pool? Will it cause one's eyes to burn?

    And I need to purchase a better vacuum. The one that came with the pool isn't bad, just need a better quality. Does anyone have suggestions on a less expensive type of vacuum for a pop-up?

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: High Alkalinity

    If you are not having difficulty holding pH and your pool water is OK, I'd leave the TA alone. It will not harm you.

    If you need to adjust it, you do so thru an aeration/acid combination that is outlined in an article in pool school. Acid alone will not be satisfactory for lowering TA.
    Dave S.
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    Re: High Alkalinity

    The PH seems to do okay, on the average I have to add a cup or two per week. It stays between 7.5 & 7.8 for the most part. I haven't seen any problems with the pool or water with the high TA, but thought I'd better ask.

    Thanks Dave S.

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    Re: High Alkalinity

    Dave's right, no reason to be concerned with high TA. It sometimes causes the PH to rise up above 7.8. So if that does happen, just lower the PH down to 7.2, and the acid additions will also slowly bring the TA into range. If the PH rise isn't particularly bothersome, then no reason to speed up the process.
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