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Thread: Where to get waterfall/slide water?

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    Where to get waterfall/slide water?

    I am laying out the plumbing spec for my new 30,000 gal in-ground pool (no spa). Will have 2 skimmers each with separate 2" back to pad, dual bottom drain with 2" back to pad, and 4 returns each with 2" back to pad... and cleaner return port. I will be using an Intelliflo for my main pump.

    My questions are:
    1) I assume it would still be best to have a separate pump for waterfall, slide & cleaner, or can I run them off of the main pump since I have the variable speed pump?

    2) Assuming the answer to #1 is that i could do it, but it would be best to have a separate pump (s):
    a) Should I have one pump for Polaris and another for waterfall/slide?
    b) Where do these separate pumps get their water? From suction side of main pump or from separate inlets in pool?
    c) Do I need SVRS devices on each pump or just on the main suction pipe at pool?
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    Re: Where to get waterfall/slide water?

    What is the water flow requirements for the slide?

    I have 3 pumps, 1 hp for the filter, 3/4 for the polaris and a separate 2hp for the slide. I have about 100 gal/min coming off the slide.

    Unless you close off the some of your returns when using the slide, you may be disappointed with the water flow you are getting from it. I like the separate pump, simple on and off, very simple plumbing. I have to intakes for the slide in the shallow end. That is closest to the pump, the slide is in the deep end.

    As for an SVRS, that is up to you and how safety conscious you are. Since the slide pulls only from the two intakes, it sucks pretty **** hard, but it's difficult for me to purposely get stuck to the intakes on the shallow end wall.
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    Re: Where to get waterfall/slide water?

    Where does the Polaris pump get it's water?

    It would seem that with two inlets for the slide water, that there would still be enough suction to leave a mark on a body that got stuck against it? Or is that the case in reality? Are they 2" inlets?

    Does the new code only apply to single floor drain inlets needing SVRS? Or is it required elsewhere by code?
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    Re: Where to get waterfall/slide water?

    Since you are still in the planning stage, it would be easy to add an extra skimmer and possibly wall inlet for the extra pump. Another way to supply an extra pump with water is with the existing suctions. If you make sure your suction side is large enough to handle both the pumps GPM, it could work... A simple diagram is below...

    This is all assuming you actually need mulptiple pumps. None of this applies if you find out it will all run off the Intelliflo.

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