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Thread: Interesting chemistry experiment this past weekend

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    Interesting chemistry experiment this past weekend

    So, I was pressure washing my pool deck this past weekend, and needed to mix up a batch of cleaner to use on the deck. For my other deck, the manufacturer suggested using Clorox outdoor bleach, water, and Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed together in a two gallon sprayer, and it worked fairly well, but I didn't want to use the outdoor bleach around the pool. So, I decide to use just regular bleach and Dawn dishwashing liquid. I put 6 cups of bleach in the sprayer, and then dump in one cup of Dawn, and watch in amazement as this big thick layer of soap suds comes boiling out of the top of the sprayer. The soap suds finally stop coming forth (along with little puffs of vapor), and I decide to pick up the sprayer to go empty it. Evidently the reaction was very exothermic, as the sprayer is REALLY warm to the touch. I pour it out what's left in a bucket, and clean up the thick layer of soap suds that's on my driveway, and decide that hmmmm..maybe just diluted bleach will work fine without a surfactant.

    I don't know what was in the dishwashing liquid, but I suspect it reacted like that because I didn't dilute the bleach first. I made a volcano..
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    Re: Interesting chemistry experiment this past weekend

    sounds like you had an almost explosion, similar to when you mix chlorine with...mostly anything lol
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    Re: Interesting chemistry experiment this past weekend

    Clorox outdoor is not bleach but it contains bleach. It is labeled bleach cleaner.

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