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Thread: weaning off of pool store and questions

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    weaning off of pool store and questions

    we're in process of changing to BBB and working towards getting water under control, had high CYA and CH and performed dump/fill of 70% of 20Kgal pool. I have Taylor TF-100 test kit and believe I'm on right track (with help from this site) and have a few questions that I need some help (reassurance) on.

    Here is my recent chemistry history, my testing and pool store testing:
    My test Pool Store
    pH 7.2 7.1
    FC 4.5 2.6
    CC - don't report
    TC 4.5 4.2
    TA 130 108 reported as Tot. Alkalinity - Adj Tot Alk is reported to be 79
    CH 330 349 reported as Tot.Hardness
    CYA 60 96 (with target range reported as 30-200)
    temp 88 90

    The pool store analysis says their results are designed for use only with BioGurard brand products. Am I correct that they have established thier own scale for reporting results and they can't be squared with this sites target range?

    Also the pool store print out convienetly tells us what chemicals to add to bring things in balance. They indicate the TA is low and Balance Pak 100 is required. I've been working to lower my TA by aerating (was 160, now 130 and targeting for 110 ). Why would the PS results tell me the TA is to low??

    One more thing, at 7:30am the FC was 6. At 10:10 my wife tested FC at 6. At 1:00pm she had the pool store test (results above) and they report Tot Chlorine 4.2 and Free Chlorine 2.6. At 7:00pm I test FC at 4.5 which seems like reasonable loss of chlorine from am to pm (full Tx sun and 100deg) How can pool store come up with the FC/CC results they did? The store is within .5 miles and sample didn't sit. Are there results completly unreliable? Is there algea growing in pool store sample bottle (hmmm have to check that) Using the pool calc and this site I can at least predict and see expected results...
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    Re: weaning off of pool store and questions

    The degree of care, training, and expertise among pool store employees varies widely. Just look at the disparity between their FC test and your own. You have your TF100, trust it and yourself.

    Your numbers look fine. If the water is clear I'd say you're there.
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    Re: weaning off of pool store and questions

    Yep, what Paul said about pool store testing. Trust your own testing with the TF100

    Also, I'd like to caution you about running your FC so low. With a CYA of 60, your minimum FC is 5 and target is 9.
    So if you are starting the day with 6, you will definitely drop below minimum. See the Chlorine/CYA Chart in my sig and in Pool School.

    If you would like to verify that you have nothing 'going on' with your water, you could do the Overnight Test.

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    Re: weaning off of pool store and questions

    Are there results completly unreliable?
    Unfortunately, the answer to that is "yes" way more often than it should be. Trust your own testing.
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