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Thread: Disk style cleaners

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    Disk style cleaners

    Was pricing the wheels for the 4 wheel "ThePoolCleaner" and now they are over $70.00 a set.
    I like the cleaner, but the replacement cost of the tires is getting a little too much.

    So that new Hayward Kingray looks promising.

    What are the wear parts on these type cleaners?

    Why for an inground pool do they seem to range from around $230 to close to $500? I mean they all appear the same, what makes one $200 better than another (Say the Barracuda G4 vs. the Hayward King Ray)?

    What do replacement parts cost for these types (and what parts)?
    How often are the parts needing replacement typically?

    How are they on twigs, leaves and acorns?

    One of the problems I have had with both the current "ThePoolCleaner" and my old Hayward ultrvac was it getting wrapped around the handrail post located about a 14-15 inches from the bottom step in the middle of the stairs. have a bucket filled with bricks there right now (smile). Would I have the same issue with this type cleaner? Don't these follow the hose (run backwards in my feeble mind) and maybe the hose would stop that?

    Thanks folks!
    30,000 Gallons, Hayward C5030 cartridge filter, IG, Plaster, SWG

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    Re: Disk style cleaners

    Differences include climbing ability, flapper valve mechanism, hydrodynamics (which can affect how well the unit covers the whole pool and how well it climbs and how senstive it is to return currents or how it deals with drains and ladders), and on how quiet it is. If you think that the wheels are expensive price the rubber discs and flapper valves from the disc type cleaners. They are right up there in price with the wheels. Then you have flapper valves and hose sections that wear out and need replacing. All pool cleaners are overpriced and have too expensive replacement parts, IMHO, but the convenience they give you might be worth it. Only you can decide.

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