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Thread: New House with Spa in disrepair

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    New House with Spa in disrepair

    A friend of mine just purchased a house with a spa, we are trying to figure out if its worth fixing or if the whole thing just needs to be taken out. The spa was put in about 7 years ago but the previous owners didn't maintain it or seem to use it for the past few years. It wasn't turning on so I pulled the wood panels apart and found the that several parts were taken apart. I don't know exactly what is going on with everything but from the looks of it, there are two 2.5hp pumps and one 1/15hp pump a couple of these pumps were pulled from the plumbing and sitting on the ground. Furthermore, inside controls had the wires to them cut, I have no idea why. Are these things money pits or is it worth it to look into getting it working again? I don't think he is interested in paying more than a $1000 TOPS in the repair, which we would probably do ourselves.

    The motors connect to the control panel with 3 wires, is there a way to hook them up to the 240v breaker and just flip it on to make sure they work? I'd rather be assured the motors work as they cost over $1000 between the three of them before we start fiddling with the electronics.

    ***Edit, the two larger pumps run 4 wires, how to hook these up?

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    Re: New House with Spa in disrepair

    The two larger pumps with 4-wire connections are probably two-speed pumps (one leg always hot, low speed, high speed, ground). If you have a spare 4-10 cord around somewhere you could use it to hard wire it and test them individually. The smaller circ pump may require splicing the existing cable, but you can do it if you need to.

    How do you mean the inside controls had the wires cut? Is it a digital topside control with cut cord?? A picture of a few of these things would help immensely.

    They can be expensive to repair. Has he ever owned one before? Does he know if he likes using them?

    Take a few pics and describe what's been cut/disconnected and I'll try to give you a rough idea of the scope and price of the project.

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