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Thread: Automatic vac plate skim/vac

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    Automatic vac plate skim/vac

    Does anyone have a Hayward automatic vac plate Part # W491R?

    How well does it work? My pool gets a lot of debris that need to be vacuumed up by my Arneson (Hayward) Pool suction vac but also gets a lot of floating debris that require a skimmer.

    This device seems like the perfect solution and costs $80 to 100. But does anyone have a review on how well it works? I can set my timer to cycle twice a day so this device can skim and vac on the same day.

    Pentair also makes one that has a built in weir but it doesn't switch between skim and vac it only splits both.

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    Re: Automatic vac plate skim/vac


    I'd like to know too. I've just ordered the Tracker 4x (vacuum), and large in-line leaf catcher to add to my arsenal of cleaners, hoping it will do a better job on the extremely fine silt that goes through stocking liner in Polaris 280 and clogs up the Vero's (Aquabot Turbo T-Jet) fine bag too quickly. I have good strong suction in my skimmer even with the main drain, which is separate, wide open. So this device might be a great addition.

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    Re: Automatic vac plate skim/vac

    I've had one for about two years. It works pretty good; the vacuum gage on it went out about a year ago, and it is important that when you install or reinstall it, that it sits squarely on top of the leaf basket in the skimmer, otherwise water will be sucked in under the plate and give you a low suction at the vacuum. I also had to put silicone around the bottom of the pressure relief valve as water was being sucked in there, too. I used drops of red or green pool test bottles while it was running to find leaks. I also added a "O" ring where the hose connects to the plate to minimize leaks. But it is nice to be able to alternate between skimming and vacuuming each day; I also saw a suggestion once that suggested putting additional nubs on the timer so that it will vacuum in the morning and skim in the afternoon.
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