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Thread: Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

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    Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

    Help !

    I just installed a fibreglass pool (about 5 feet deep). When the excavations were being

    done, ground water started coming in at at about a depth of 4 feet. The pool was put on a

    gravel base as per the makers instructions and backfilled with gravel also. Concrete is due

    to be out round the rim in a few days

    I also left a 4ft square & 4.5 ft deep 'pit' at one end for the pipework around the skimmer

    etc. & put a pump in this pit as a safeguard. The pool is currently 3/4 full as there was a

    leak around the skimmer which I had to fix.

    The problem I have is it seems the 'pit' just keeps starting to fill with water and I

    believe one corner of the pool by this pit has already lited 1 inch in a week. Am I right

    please in thinking.....

    i) The water weight in the pool would push the ground water out from underneath it into this

    'pit' at the end?

    ii) The 'pit' should only fill up to the ground level of the water i.e. only about a foot

    above the pit floor? It seems to be going higher than this and I don't know why.

    iii) If the water level in the pit stays below the pool water level, am I safe that it won't

    lift any further?

    Any help and advice gratefully received.

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    Re: Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

    it is very possible for the water pressure in the ground to lift even a fully filled pool. I would highly recommend excavating some kind of relief for the underground water, channel the water away or around the pool. This problem will not go away on it's own and if you have a rainy season you could have a boat on your hands. Or you could put all your trust into a hydrostatic valve.
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    Re: Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

    Is this a self install or is there a builder involved?

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    Re: Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

    You need a dry well system and a pump to control the groundwater.

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    Re: Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

    Thanks all for the advice - it is a self build - I am on a slight slop in the graden so I am going to try a land drain and take it form there.
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    Re: Help ! Fibreglass pool lifting !!

    Good luck! Please post pics!
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