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Thread: Another person... new house, came with pool, I need help :(

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    Another person... new house, came with pool, I need help :(

    We just purchased a house that has an above ground pool out back.

    The water was green, and so far, it looks like I've been successful reading here, and elsewhere, following along, and using the chemicals the previous owner left behind to make it clear, and come up with good values per the HTH test strips. I don't have the exact numbers at the moment (we haven't completely moved into the house, and I'm back at the apartment now.)

    I'm still trying to determine the size of my pool. Its round, apparently its about 3feet deep. (based on putting the vacuum in the pool, and measuing how high the water comes up)

    I'm having difficulty identifying what I have for filter.. DE, Sand or Cartrige, and how to fix/clean it, does it need backwashed?

    I've put some pictures up here -> ... directlink

    Can any one help me identify it?

    The blue hose attached to the left port on the 3way was attached to the vacuum, but no matter what position, it doesn't suck water in, so I also have to figure that out too. Should the hose instead be put into the skimmer?

    The biggest problem right now is that water coming back into the pool via the eyeball return is really slow and hardly moving.. Is it possible the filter is clogged from the Alge?

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    Re: Another person... new house, came with pool, I need help :(

    Looks like you have a "bump" DE filter. Unfortunately that's about the extent of my knowledge about them. I take it the filter didn't have any kind of identifying decals on it?

    From the looks of the setup, the previous owner didn't want to have to fool with using a vacuum plate or plugging the hose in the skimmer, and instead decided to have a dedicated hose for vacuuming via the 3 way. The other hose goes to the skimmer, correct?

    I'd say your filter needs cleaning in the worst kind of way, which is why your flow is so low.
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    Re: Another person... new house, came with pool, I need help :(

    Correct. The filter (I'm assuming the tall tan thing with the pressure guage), has no model numbers, or markings.

    Just a yellow label suggesting caution and to only dissassemble usuing the MFG's instructions... Too bad it doesn't say who the MFG is

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    Re: Another person... new house, came with pool, I need help :(

    I got lucky... the previous house owner stopped by. It is a DE filter.

    I stopped over at the local pool supply store, they sold me some DE material, talked to me about back washing, and even suggested since we tried backwashing and adding new DE, but the pressure went down, that we might want to take it apart and inspect/clean the grates..

    After adding the DE, the water is cleaner, I see less "stuff" floating around on the surface... Now, if I can just keep the leaves out of the pool

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