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Thread: Water dripping from backwash, Hayward sand filter

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    Water dripping from backwash, Hayward sand filter

    OK, I posted another topic looking for the adhesive to use with the new sproket gasket I got for my Hayward sand filter. But apparently it isn't the sealant that's causing the leak?

    From the top, end of last year water started dripinging out of the backwash on our filter, I was told I needed a new $100 valve. Then when I started looking into it this year I was told just to rebuild it, or replace the sproket gasket. I replaced the gasket, dry, it still leaks. There aren't a lot of parts in there, so if it's not the sproket gasket, then what's causing it to leak??


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    Re: Water dripping from backwash, Hayward sand filter

    Assuming you have opened it up again and seen that gasket is still stuck in place, all channel ridges are intact, and the bump on top is continuous through the whole spider web: then you need to look at the other side. The spring may be broken or weak. The rotating shaft may be corroded or binding up for some other reason. Hit it with some PB blaster and work it around and back and forth. [I don't have a Hayward--so ignore anything I say that doesn't make sense for your valve.] Make sure you have replaced top half in correct orientation--there should be some kind of alignment mark if it can go back on more than one way. If the handle has been off its shaft, make sure it's not on backwards. Inspect facing area of diverter for any damage or other lack of smoothness (SuperGlued on, perhaps?). Good luck!
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    Re: Water dripping from backwash, Hayward sand filter

    GREAT answer Durk! You covered the possibilities as to the cause very thoroughly

    I had one this year that I finally had to just 'give up on' and replace the valve We changed out everything but the body itself and it still leaked The only thing I can think of is some micro cracks in the valve body that only open enough to be visible when under pressure.

    UtP, as you get more info on this PLEASE keep us informed - who knows, maybe we can figure out the root of this mystery
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Water dripping from backwash, Hayward sand filter

    Thanks guys, I'm going to pull it apart again and try the PB Blaster, and then some lube, the gasket seems fine upon last inspection, and yes I had it together wrong the first time around, but it wasn't that hard to figure out so it is right now. I'll post again after I pull it apart, it's pouring tonight so it's not happening, maybe tomorrow.

    Oh, and by the way, I stuck a rubber cork in the waste for the time being so no leak while I'm waiting to get back at it.

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    Re: Water dripping from backwash, Hayward sand filter

    I'm not an expert here, but I just replaced my spider gasket today (I too had a leaking backwash - was leaking a ton!). Make sure you lube up the gasket (at least that is what this website suggested - URL is below). Worked like a charm....took about 45 minutes and not a single leak anywhere.

    If only I knew about spider gaskets earlier....I had installed a ball valve to stop the backwash water (had to make sure I didn't forget to open that when backwashing, lol).

    The old gasket totally fell apart during removal - what a mess! Yuck!

    Anyone who is going to try this can follow these directions (link below). This worked great for me and saved me from calling for help.

    I used a ton of lube on the gasket and also lubed up the other o-rings that were in the housing (there were 2 others). I didn't use ANY glue, so I'm hoping this stays in place (seems pretty darn snug in there).

    Good luck,


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