Well durn.

We moved into our house and pool last summer. The old 1hp pump went out within a few months and we upgraded to a Pentair WhisperFlo 2-Speed 1hp. Well, now that we are running a Letro Legend II pressure-side pool cleaner it seems that we have barely enough pressure/volume for the pool and cleaner.

I've closed off all returns except for two on the far side of the skimmer and replaced the nozzles with the smallest that would fit, but the cleaner still slows down and gets stuck next to the steps after about two weeks or so after a backwash. Backwash and then I get enough pres/vol for the cleaner to circulate well. There is, however, never enough volume to make the 'whip' go from side to side on the cleaner.

Do I need to upgrade to 1-1/2hp or 2hp? Anybody want to buy a 'gently used' 1 yr old pump?

Thanks Derek