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Thread: Polaris Turbo Turtle

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    Polaris Turbo Turtle

    Went to install the pool cleaner , read the directions about removing the eyeball at the return.
    It says also to remove the threaded fitting and install the fitting that comes with the cleaner.

    Well , I tried it by hand, then channel locks with electrical tape on them as not to mess up the threads on fitting. No luck. Called the installer too see if the threads happened to be reverse threads . He said no, it should just unscrew. I am not having any luck and do not want to break the fitting. The inside of the fitting has two grooves in it , is there possibly a tool that fits there ?
    Should I have the installer come out and try it ?
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    Re: Polaris Turbo Turtle

    I did the same thing a few days ago. I had to get that double male threaded connection out of the return. One return came out real easy by hand, another, I had to use some vice-grips. It worked fine, its really not that big of a deal if you let the grips bite in the thread a little bit. Especially since I am never going to use it again b/c i replaced it with the universal wall fitting for the cleaner. With this fitting, I dont have any reason to reinstall the eye ball.

    So, my advice is forget the tape (which was a good idea) and just gorilla grip it! Also, I got a little turned around on which way to loosen it b/c I was not facing the thread (it was with my intuition to do opposite).
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