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Thread: Pump Not Pumping

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    Pump Not Pumping


    New to the board.... new to pools. Last summer was very hot here, and I saw the 18' Intex at Toys R Us for 2 bills, so I got it. This year, I decided to upgrade the pump. I got an AquaQuik 3/4 HP pump and sand filter. Had it about two weeks.

    Plugged it in tonight.... nothing. Dead. I checked the power- that is good. If I get REAL close to the pump, I can hear a slight whine (or maybe just an electrical hum.... VERY quiet!), but that's it. When I plug it in, I do not see the motor torque or anything. When I unplugged two days ago, all seemed well... All the hoses are fine, valves open... filters are clean. Not sure what to do at this point- its a brand new pump, and I have been very good to it.

    The pump did get pretty wet the other day, but that shouldn't cause any problems, should it? It's been raining dang near every day, and that hasn't caused a problem....

    Thanks for your help! Happy 4th!


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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Call around to some local electrical motor repair shops
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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Sorry to ask a seemingly obvious question... did you prime the pump?
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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Self- priming. But there is a clear plastic elbow going into the strainer bucket before the pump- I ALWAYS check that.... and it always had water. Never run dry, for sure.

    I bought it at Leslies- are they pretty good at standing behind these things>??? Its new enough I would expect them to just change it out.

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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Well I took it into Leslies, and they tore it all down- It worked. Put it back together, it did NOT work. Found out that if I left the rear housing off, it would start pretty consistently, or I could spin the fins to get it going if it would not start. So I was able to vacuum yesterday. Yeah.

    Must call the manufacturer Monday.

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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Unfortunately, you have to go through the manufacturing for GameGroup equipment. The retail stores cannot take them back, or perform warranty work on them. It has to go through GG direct!

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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Thanks for the link dbfan. I just got an e-mail off to them and we shall see what happens.

    In the meantime, Leslies has a work around running for me, so I still have a clean pool.

    Now time for me to learn all about BBB for INtex pools!!!

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    Re: Pump Not Pumping

    Thanks everyone again for your help.

    GameGroup is being VERY stand up in this, and shipping me out a new pump. So I am happy with how they worked with me...

    So the pump was bad... but I am getting a new one.

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