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Thread: I have a question....

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    I have a question....


    I have a question.... My pool was very clear, after a weekend of 12 kids swimming all day I thought I should shock the pool. I went to Leslies"s and got three bags of shock, they also gave me a bag of clean and clear and told me to add it when I shocked the pool as it would help keep the water clear. I did that on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning my pool now has green water. NOt algee but a green tint to the water and the steps and skimmers have a orange tint to them. I checked the clorine level and it is off the chart. In my 5 way test tube the it should show shades of yellow, My is orange.... I called the pool idiots at leslies and they said my clorine level is way to high and I shouldn't have added the clear and clean with the sock as it magnifies the shock level.. Now it is Friday and I have vaccumed, backwashed 3 times and refilled with my house water which is from a well. No change in the color or clorine level. I need a fast fix as I am suppose to have a 4th party at the pool Saturday....

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    Re: Help with green tinted pool..please

    clayton, start your own thread please. you also need to read pool school. pool-school/
    Moved to a new topic. JasonLion
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    Re: I have a question....

    You have iron in your water. The high chlorine levels caused it to color your water yellow and against the blue background of your pool it looks green. The orange stains are iron oxide (commonly called rust). If you hold an ordinary vitamin C tablet on the stain it will disappear. You need to add a metal sequestrant to your water to get rid of the yellow color and keep adding a maintenance dose on a regular basis. The high shock levels you probably ended up with oxidized the iron in your water into rust.
    The stains can be dealt with but I would recommend waiting until the weather gets cool or you will have a pool green with algae from the stain treatment, which destroys all the chlorine you add for a week or three.

    Also, invest in a good test kit and take control of your water.

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    Re: I have a question....

    Clayton, sorry this happened.

    In the future, when you expect 12 kids... simply increase the FC level by 2-4 ppm higher than normal, before the swimming, and then check the levels after and bump it up again. You shouldn't have to shock unless someone has a "babyruth incident" or swimdiaper malfunction.
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    Re: I have a question....

    Quote Originally Posted by clayton

    I have a question.... My pool was very clear, after a weekend of 12 kids swimming all day I thought I should shock the pool.
    My comment here is to reflect what has been said already but wanted to repeat. Don't assume your pool needs something; test the water then take action based on the results. Last time I had that many kids here I needed an extra quart of 12% chlorine to counteract the use and that's it. I have shocked once this summer and only because I saw in my testing CC starting to rise. Knocked it out in 2 days and were good again.

    Hang in there, hate to hear anyone following bad advice (not your fault) from a pool store when they should be able to help you instead. It only makes sense that a pool store should know pools but most really don't.
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    Re: I have a question....

    Quote Originally Posted by gsmornot
    Guys...... Don't assume your pool needs something; (you)test the water then take action based on the results.........It only makes sense that a pool store should know pools but most really don't.
    you have a good grasp of what BBB is all about!

    Careful testing and understanding what to do with the test results.
    Dave S.
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