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Thread: How to skim the top of the pool

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    How to skim the top of the pool

    Hello, I just moved into a new home with a pool. The pool all ready has a kreepy crawler, but there are always tons of bugs and leaves floating at the top of the pool. What can I do to stop this without constantly hand skimming the pool.

    My pool is about 15,000 gal. It has a simple hayward filter and pump. There is only a main drain, and a single small skimmer inlet that the creepy crawler is attached to. There are also only 2 holes in the pool which allows the water in, both without those eyeball directional nosels on them.

    I have been looking everywhere online with out any good answers. I see those pool skims out there, but I dont have the proper adapter (which i can find) to attach it to the pool. I also see the dragonfly pulse surface cleaner (, but can not find any reviews on them and it looks like the website might be outdated, and the gator ( but it seems you cant buy it in the USA.

    I can not be the only one with this issue, but I can not find out any answers. How can I install some type of skimmer device to help clean the top of my pool.

    Please help ........

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    Re: How to skim the top of the pool

    I have a similar pool size with just a skimmer as well. I use an adapter for the kreepy that allows me to keep the basket in the skimmer. It's a plate that goes over the basket and the part of the kreepy you are plugging into the bottom of the skimmer will go into a hole in the middle of the plate. My surface is crystal clear and the kreepy still does its job.
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    Re: How to skim the top of the pool

    You know whats weird, one of my friends just told me to unplug the kreepy crawler from the skimmer hole, and it will suck in all the bugs and junk on the surface of the water. However it seems the hole is so low in the water that it cant build enough suction to pull any of the surface junk into the filter. If i put a basket over it, it even more worsens the suction from the intake hose.

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    Re: How to skim the top of the pool

    BUMP this up

    I have been wondering the same thing. If anyone has any suggestions, please post some links to adapter plates, etc you may be using. I have the same setup and use the automatic regulation valve on the end of the Kreepy Krauly, which pulls water into the skimmer, but not at a great enough pace to do anything...Would the PoolSkim be a good fix?

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