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Thread: tear in pool, drain to fix or not

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    tear in pool, drain to fix or not

    i was in my pool today having a clean around with my mask and snorkell and i came across a 2" tear in the bottom

    can this be fixed or do i have to drain the pool to fix it


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    Re: tear in pool, drain to fix or not

    There is a pool patch kit you can buy...It is a special glue that can be applied to the patch, and then you can put it under the water very fast and put in in place. Our pool installer told us about it. I don't know what it is called but he said it is very important to use a broom stick to swirl around your legs as you put it in place...The glue will get in the water and then will stick to your legs...then it is very painful to get off. If you swirl the broom handle, it will stick to the broom handle. he told me that these patches are nearly indestructable and are just about permanent. Sorry I can't give you more particulars.

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    Re: tear in pool, drain to fix or not

    Look for the Boxer brand patch kit. I patched a tear about that size, two feet below the waterline. I didn't have any problems with glue in the water or anything. You just cut your patch, making sure it is round and leaving an inch or so around the tear. Apply the glue to the patch, fold it over, pop under the surface open up the patch and apply it. You want to make sure there aren't any bubbles under the patch so press firmly all the way around. I used a rolling pin, too, but I'm not sure I needed to.
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    Re: tear in pool, drain to fix or not

    Gazz, you can probably patch it. I'm a little rushed for time, but the info on how to do it out there - search for "patch" and use my name and they should show up. If you have more questions on this, I'll keep my eye on this thread 8)
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