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Thread: Question about leveling process

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    Question about leveling process

    I am trying to put up my first pool, and starting small so I purchased a intex 15X4 pool with metal poles. The problem is my ground is slightly on a hill and is very rocky (bluff). I understand I have to dig out the high side and level from there. The question is will sand packed down be enough to protect the pool from the rocks or should I use a foam padding also. If so in what order should I lay the foundation? I would appreciate any advise.
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    Re: Question about leveling process

    Hi, I installed my own pool, but had someone come in and level it.

    I would recommend putting down foam "Happy Bottom" is what I used. It makes the bottom feel much better when walking on it.

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Question about leveling process

    You will hear very loudly to dig out the high side. Yes, you should do this and not build up. However if you must do this it is possible. Maybe just as much work and more expensive though. If you build up, sand will not work. You will need to use something like stonedust (crushed granite or limestone). It also has other names. If that is not available, hardpack will work too (this is the stuff used under driveways / roads.

    Depending on your grade you will need to extend the grade out so that the weight and slope are enough to A) handle the load and B) provide proper drainage. May not seem like a lot of material at 1st but it will once you start putting it down both in labor and cost. Put it down a few inches at a time, packing it down with a commercial grade plate compactor. Some will do more than a few inches (bigger and more $ to rent though).

    Depending on how deep you need to dig and how many rocks that might be better to dig down.

    As for leveling, you can do it various ways. A simple water level for a 15 foot pool is your best bet. Surveyors transit or self leveling laser level being a good rental if you have the $. You can make a water level out of a pc of clear plastic hose and just fill it with water, spike the ground with stakes and measure to a level line from top down.
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    Re: Question about leveling process

    Dig down to make the ground level with the low side and then rake, rake, rake,. Then set some patio blocks into the ground where those legs will go. (one for each post. You can leave them there over the winter when you take down the pool. Will make next years set up quicker) The tops of them should be level with the dirt of the escavated area. You can dump some sand down if you want and then put your ground cloth or tarp on the sand or dirt. The big problem with doing it this way is your ladder will have to have a spot dug out for the legs (and put onto some patio bricks too) if you want to put the ladder on the higher side of the ground. Or just put the ladder on the low side. We did that for years with the intex pool. Good Luck wit the pool, I loved mine.. Kimrst
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